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Nutritious Smoothie Recipes

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? It’s a great time of year to re-focus on health. And as residents of Douglas County, our Sterling Ranch community has a leg up on health. According to a recent news report, Douglas County ranked as the healthiest county in the state!

Even so, you may be losing some of your New Year’s resolve to make health a priority this year. This is also the time of year when people are getting sick, so what better time to amp up your nutritional intake? Do your body a favor—make it more resilient and less susceptible to infectious disease by drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep and exercise, and eating like a champ.
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Ten Easy Ways to Conserve Water

Managing our precious water resources is one of the ten guiding principles of Sterling Ranch. We know that our semi-arid climate, coupled with a rapidly growing population, makes it more important than ever to be careful stewards of this most basic and critical natural resource.

If you’re part of the Sterling Ranch community, you’re already equipped with some tools to make it easier to monitor your water usage. Every home in this community comes with a dual-meter system that tracks how much water your household is using both inside the home and outside. For residents, that means that your water rates for indoor and outdoor water usage are different because we are able to recapture that water, treat it, and trade it for fresh water – meaning water saved outside the house saves even more money. The community landscaping was planned and implemented in partnership with the Denver Botanical Gardens to ensure native, hardy plants that require minimal water are used throughout our grounds. We also collect rainwater so that we can capture water from rooftops and other hard surfaces and put it to good use in community areas.

Here are a few more tips on ways you can cut back on your water usage. Not only will you save money on your water bill, you’ll also be helping preserve a much-needed resource so that other people living in the area have plenty of water as well.
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Home Decorating Trends for 2019

Every new year brings a fresh wave of interior design ideas. Take some inspiration from what’s trending in 2019 and imagine how your home can be transformed and renewed!

The clean lines and minimalist shapes of mid-century modern design have dominated design for several years. Designers are showing signs of bucking that trend in 2019. Dark and moody colors are making their way back into the home, as well as more eclectic furniture, art and decor.

A desire for warmth, coziness, and a return to nature are some of the ways designers are pushing back against the cold clean lines we’ve become accustomed to. Gray and white aren’t completely out the door, but in many cases they are being tempered by warmer, earthier elements.

Here are some specific ways the current trends are playing out in three of the home’s most important rooms: kitchen, bathroom, and living room.
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Neighborhood Schools at Sterling Ranch

The careful and deliberate planning that has gone into Sterling Ranch, and continue to define its progress and development, extend to education as well. Our vision for a healthy and vibrant community includes a wide selection of quality schools for all ages. That’s why Sterling Ranch sets aside a stipend with each lot sold and dedicates it towards future schools that will be constructed within the community.

And while planning ahead is always a good thing, especially for something as important as education, there’s also good news for current residents: neighborhood schools already exist as part of the highly acclaimed Douglas County School District, and are just a short drive away.

The neighborhood schools in the Douglas County School District include:

  • Roxborough Primary (grades P-2)
  • Roxborough Intermediate (grades 3-6)
  • Ranch View Middle School (grades 7-8)
  • ThunderRidge High School (grades 9-12)

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Romantic Dinner Spots Close to Sterling Ranch

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Have you made a dinner reservation yet? If not, never fear — we have some suggestions for you. These excellent, romantic dinner spots are all within a 20-minute drive of Sterling Ranch and offer a memorable dining experience for you and that special someone.

Located in Sedalia, only 10 minutes from Sterling Ranch, Gabriel’s is a local institution that you simply must try. Specializing in Tuscan cuisine, Gabriel’s is offering a special Valentine’s menu Feb. 13-17. This three-course dining experience features gourmet ingredients like lobster and filet mignon, with added delights such as cream of asparagus soup and baby beet salad. Select a bottle of wine from their extensive collection and savor every sip.
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Enjoying State Parks in the Winter

One of the biggest perks residents of Sterling Ranch enjoy is close proximity to two of Colorado’s beautiful state parks: Chatfield State Park and Roxborough State Park. With its large reservoir, Chatfield especially conjures images of summer activities such as boating, paddle boarding, and jet skiing. But you can enjoy the parks all year round without waiting for summer! Both offer activities throughout the year for a variety of ages and interests.

Best of all, many of the classes and events offered by Colorado State Parks are free with a parks pass—something every Sterling Ranch resident receives annually at no extra cost. And while Chatfield and Roxborough are the nearest parks, your state parks pass is good for all 41 of Colorado’s State Parks, so you’re free to venture further from home and take full advantage of Colorado’s natural beauty.
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Pioneering Smart Solutions for Wise Water Management

Water is a precious resource—especially in a semi-arid climate like ours in Colorado. With an increasing population and decreasing amounts of annual precipitation, it’s more important now than ever to take action to steward our water supply and thoughtfully prepare for the future.

A recent article in ColoradoBiz Magazine, South Platte River Heroes, highlights the efforts being made in the community to address the water shortage issue head-on. Investments made by partners including The Greenway Foundation, Denver Water, The Colorado Water Conservation Board, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife have been critical in expanding storage space in Chatfield Reservoir.

As a master-planned community in close proximity to Chatfield Reservoir, Sterling Ranch has made water conservation one of its ten guiding principles. We are pioneering the way towards smart and sustainable water usage, and applaud all of the efforts made in our great state to ensure that it remains a wonderful and vibrant place to live.
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Heather Calme Named Architectural & Community Standards Director at Sterling Ranch

This Winter, the growing community of Sterling Ranch has named Heather Calme to serve as its Architectural & Community Standards Director.

After working for years on the initial visioning and land plan designs for Sterling Ranch, as the Project Manager with architectural firm B+Y Architects, Heather went on to serve the community since as a consultant helping with design standards management. Her move now, into this critical full-time position, comes just in time for Sterling Ranch to begin construction on two new villages in 2019.

In this role, Calme will help with the oversight of the community’s day-to-day building standards, maintaining relationships with the individual homebuilders, vendors and residents. Specifically, as both new and existing residents choose to enhance their properties, she will provide education on Sterling Ranch’s design principles and will help them finesse their plans in pursuit of community approval. She is part of the CCMC team, the community’s management firm hired in 2017 to maintain the operations of Sterling Ranch.
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Sterling Ranch Breaks Ground on First Recreation Center

As the Sterling Ranch master-planned community wraps its first year of home sales and commercial development, since breaking ground in late 2017, the community is moving into its second year of growth amidst strong momentum. Its latest milestone, celebrated on site last week with community residents and partners, is the groundbreaking of the first recreation center to be developed in the 3,400 acre community.

“More than 400 homes are already under development and our first commercial building, the Sterling Center, is opening in phases this Winter,” said Harold Smethills, one of the founding visionaries behind the new Douglas County community. “Bringing this first recreation center to life is something we’ve been working hard on, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be starting this construction process today, as it is undeniably one of the amenities our residents are most excited about.”

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Sterling Ranch Park Dedication Celebrates Memory of Roxborough Resident Pat Gallagher

SOURCE: The Denver Post.

Last weekend at the 3,400-acre master-planned Sterling Ranch development, in Douglas County’s Chatfield Valley, friends and neighbors celebrated a momentous occasion with the first dedication of one of its public parks.

The park, now formally known as Pat Gallagher Park, was dedicated in honor of one of the Roxborough community’s most influential and highly respected residents, who passed away in 2015.

In the late 2000s, as plans for Sterling Ranch became public, the development team led by Harold and Diane Smethills held dozens of conversations with adjacent neighbors, other stakeholders and governmental entities. It was during this process that Pat Gallagher and several others developed a very specific vision for the region that was supported and endorsed by the Roxborough community and would ultimately help open the gates to a productive, region-wide conversation about the valley’s needs and infrastructure issues. Centered in a ground-breaking document, the “Eleven Points of Vision” emerged based on Gallagher’s and other residents’ desire to guide the development of Sterling Ranch and all other future development in the valley to abide by a set of principles and ideals. These points of vision included such topics as rainwater management, a prioritization of open space and trail systems. Read More