The Nature of Water

Wise water management underscores sustainability and dedication to environmental stewardship. And that philosophy is coveted here like nowhere else. In fact, the Colorado Water Conservation Board named Sterling Ranch as the state’s first rainwater harvesting community, and we simultaneously have created the infrastructure to advance that practice.

Nothing is more soft and flexible than water and nothing as important for our future. Become part of the stewardship that means so much more than a body of water – it means an all-encompassing, conscientious body of thought.

Learn about the wise water practices of Sterling Ranch.

Rainwater Harvesting

Sterling Ranch - Water Harvesting

*Not all rainwater is stored. Some is channeled via community structures to irrigate the immediate landscape.

Rainwater harvesting at Sterling Ranch is used to manage the community’s landscaping – maintaining the beautiful, Colorado scenery afforded at the gateway to the foothills.

Rainwater is collected from rooftops and hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, which is stored* before it’s used to irrigate community parks, gardens and greenways. And because it’s being captured here, at Sterling Ranch, we’re helping protect our streams and rivers.

What’s better than that? Data! In partnership with Vanderbilt University, the rainwater used will also be tracked to study the impact of rainwater harvesting for water-conscious communities in the future.

Wise Partnership

Sterling Ranch - Water WiseRainwater is only a facet of the overall water management plan for Sterling Ranch. Community residents will also benefit from the Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) Partnership. This partnership with Denver Water and Aurora Water provides Sterling Ranch renewable water by sharing infrastructure and available water supplies with surrounding areas.

In combination with rainwater harvesting, the smart and water-conscious plantings and demand management technology, this WISE Partnership makes Sterling Ranch one of the most drought-resistant locations within the state.

Denver Botanic Gardens Partnership

botanicgardens-logoSterling Ranch has collaborated with Denver Botanic Gardens to research plantings that flourish in Colorado’s semi-arid climate. The concerted research effort trialed plantings for water sustainability and resiliency – a process that’s been used for thousands of years – and took form as a test garden planted on the property that was maintained and observed for five years.

As a result of the test garden with Denver Botanic Gardens, Sterling Ranch has established water-wise landscaping guidelines for the community, providing homebuilders and residents with efficient options for plantings and irrigation techniques.

Homegrown Stewards

Sterling Ranch is only as water-conscious as the people that live here, and that’s why residents are empowered to monitor their own indoor and outdoor water usage.

Each home comes with a dual-water metering system that provides real-time data on how much water is used on your landscaping, and how much is used for you, inside the home. Further instilling conscious stewardship, WaterSense® certified irrigation controllers inform residents when their outdoor water usage exceeds recommended levels for landscaping maintenance.

Beyond giving homeowners stats on their water usage, the intelligent infrastructure systems underground enable remote water shut-off in the event of a water main breaking or other emergencies.

Thousands of gallons of wasted water will be saved, and there’s no guesswork in how much your water bill will be this month – it’s all easy to manage.

Find your water-wise new home in providence village – the pioneer village of sterling ranch.

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