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    Our Story

    Welcome to Sterling Ranch

    Sterling Ranch, a little slice of Colorado heaven, lies just twenty miles south of downtown Denver. This remarkable community of new homes is positioned in an idyllic valley at the gateway to the Front Range, nestled between two state parks, three regional parks and a national forest.

    To say we love Colorado, nature and the outdoors is an understatement. Our vision for Sterling Ranch has always been to create an incredible place to live, filled with wonderful families, while honoring the rolling terrain and the very essence of what makes Colorado, well … Colorado.

    New Homes. New Neighbors. New Friends. A new experience of joy. Have you discovered Sterling Ranch yet?

    What We Value Most

    Joy Resides Here

    At Sterling Ranch, we’re intentionally creating a community where joy resides. When we think back to our original vision for this land and the wonderful home it would become — for generations to come — we can’t help but feel immense gratitude for what it has become. As we see yesterday’s strangers becoming today’s best friends over a cup of coffee or a game of corn hole, we smile in awe as we remember our original intention. This place … our place … a beautiful home to many … and many more who will come. Read on to learn more about what we value most and the kind of culture we’re fostering here.


    Generosity and grace overflow from a grateful heart. When we start with gratitude for life in all its magnificent wonder, our perspective is right where it should be. We believe that gratitude is the cornerstone of a joyful life.


    Through our family of origin we learn what it means to love, sacrifice and care for one another. We believe in the strength and beauty of family — with all its imperfections — and extend that same spirit of commitment and acceptance to our friends and neighbors.


    We’re actively pursuing wellness of mind, body and spirit. Nature connects us to the wonder of what it means to be human while connected to something greater than ourselves. As we embrace wellness in all aspects of our lives, we experience an unmatched level of joy and peace.


    The happy, glorious fact that we are here today, living and breathing, brings a sense of responsibility we gladly embrace. We get to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world — our blessed Colorado. It is our privilege to care for our environment and natural resources in honor of our ancestors and generations to come.


    Our ever-changing world presents new and exciting possibilities for improvement. We believe in constantly looking for better ways to do things — never settling for status quo. Problems are opportunities and challenges are doorways to a better future.

    Community Snapshot

    This is Sterling Ranch

    Sterling Ranch is Douglas County's premier new home community located at the base of the breathtaking Rocky Mountain Foothills near Highlands Ranch and Littleton. Colorado-inspired homes in an awe-inspiring Colorado location.
    This is Sterling Ranch.

    Top Rated Home Builders

    New "Colorado" Home Designs

    Miles of Internal Trails

    State Parks Pass for Every Home*

    Acres of Open Space

    Sterling Ranch Resident Reviews

    What we love about Sterling Ranch

    We may be biased, but we think our residents are some of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet. They’ve embraced the vision for what this new home development could become, and have worked — and played — together to turn it into a real community. Read what some of our raving fans have to say about making a home here at Sterling Ranch.

    Living in Sterling Ranch
    is a dream!

    “I never envisioned living in a community where I’d become such close friends with my neighbors! I love all the community events and social activities throughout the months! It really has been a dream living in Sterling Ranch. ❤️​”

    – Astrida White

    I get to live among incredible people creating a sense of community.

    “I wake up every morning in a beautiful, safe home surrounded by nature. To top it off, I have the pleasure of living among other incredible people who create a sense of community that I never thought could be possible in a suburban neighborhood. I can’t even begin to imagine how life could get any better than this!”

    – Lindsey Cox

    I love my neighbors. I love how much people care.

    “I love my neighbors. I love the community of friends that are so willing to help each other. I love walking down the street and seeing smiles and waves. I love the sound of children playing. I love how much people care. ❤️❤️❤️”

    – Monica Phillips

    Catch up on what’s happening around here

    Sterling Ranch News and Events

    Planet-Wise: Ideas for an Earth-Friendly Lifestyle

    Planet-Wise: Ideas for an Earth-Friendly Lifestyle

    Have you heard of Zero Emissions Day? How about Clean Up the World Weekend? September is chock-full of honorary holidays such as these, and at Sterling Ranch, we take notice of such special days. Here we value sustainability and stewardship, and we always strive to...

    Homes That Pay It Forward

    Homes That Pay It Forward

    Imagine a home that works for you: it generates power while you’re at work. It waters the beautiful plants in your landscape — at just the right amount — before you’ve even risen for the day. It notifies you of the leaky pipe at the far reaches of your backyard (the...

    Amenity Spotlight: Daily Food Trucks

    Amenity Spotlight: Daily Food Trucks

    At Sterling Ranch, we are all about promoting time spent outdoors. After all, we do live in a spectacularly beautiful location. This National Eat Outside Day, August 31, we hope you’ll join us in enjoying one of the community’s unique amenities: on-site food trucks....