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A Smart, Sustainable Vision

Sterling Ranch has taken a unique, forward-thinking approach to creating a master-planned community with stewardship at the forefront. The development team has had the opportunity to share this transformative vision and talk about its disciplined implementation with audiences from a variety of relevant industries.

Most recently, Chairman Harold Smethills was asked to speak about Sterling Ranch at the American Bar Association’s Fall Conference for the Section of Environmental Energy & Resources Law. He shared the legal and policy considerations that went into establishing Sterling Ranch as the state’s first pilot project for rainwater harvesting, and how this sustainability initiative is further supported by the water-wise landscape guidelines that have been developed in partnership with Denver Botanic Gardens.

Chief Technology Officer Brock Smethills also spoke about empowering Sterling Ranch residents to be stewards within their own homes by using technologies that enhance the nature of their day. He shared with members of the Society for Marketing Professional Services about Smart Cities and how Sterling Ranch is delivering the promise of tomorrow with intelligent infrastructure today. Connected by a fiber-optic network, the infrastructure at Sterling Ranch allows residents to monitor their water and energy usage – and save money on their utility bills.

The fiber-optic network provides the community with the flexibility and connectivity to adapt to future technologies, and fiber runs to every home for homeowners to access 1 gig Internet service. These offerings provide every opportunity to stay connected digitally, while the expansive open space and 30 miles of internal trails deliver the perfect setting to connect with the community’s natural surroundings.

These are just a few of the environmentally conscious innovations reflective of Sterling Ranch’s commitment to stewardship, providing a road map for future, sustainable development.