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    Leading the Way to a Sustainable Energy Future

    Responsibly stewarding our natural resources

    Intelligently Energizing Our Community and Our Homes

    One of our guiding values at Sterling Ranch is to responsibly steward our natural resources as we create a vibrant, thriving community. At buildout, Sterling Ranch will be home to over 33,000 residents and many businesses. From the beginning we’ve known that developing a community of this scale would require a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, while encouraging residents and businesses to take part in this important focus.

    We’re taking a revolutionary approach to effective energy management at Sterling Ranch by protecting and preserving this critical resource every day, and our residents are proud to join our effort. Together, we are making a difference that will be felt for lifetimes to come.

    Actions that reflect our values

    When it comes to energizing our community and our homes, we’re working toward becoming a carbon-neutral energy community. By reducing our energy use and switching to clean, renewable energy supplies, Sterling Ranch will have as little impact on our planet as possible — something our residents can be proud of day and night.

    Here’s what we’re doing to stem the effects of climate change:

    • We’re actively implementing an Energy Action Plan to realize our commitments to achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and a carbon neutral energy supply by 2040.*
    • Our intelligent streetlights automatically reduce to 50% brightness at 10 p.m. and completely turn off at dawn.
    • Our compliance with the International Dark Sky Initiative significantly reduces energy usage and light pollution at night.
    • We tap into local wind turbines as part of our community energy sources.
    • Every home at Sterling Ranch is Energy Star® compliant.
    • We provide state-of-the-art technology to monitor utility usage, giving residents real-time data that helps them consciously conserve power.
    • Every home comes solar ready, and our new Solar Made Simple program makes getting solar panels even easier for Sterling Ranch homeowners.
    • Every garage is wired for an electric vehicle charging station.
    • As part of the Xcel Energy portfolio, as of 2020, over 30% of the power supplied to homes and businesses is renewable energy. Wind power is available for purchase via a subscription program, Windsource(R) to offset the remainder of your use if you choose not to install solar.

    Because of our efforts, our residents enjoy:

    • Improved air quality inside and outside their homes
    • Higher home resale values
    • Lower electric bills
    • Real-time energy feedback with STEWARD, smart-home-automation system
    • Feeling great about helping preserve our precious resources

    Sterling Ranch’s Energy Action Plan

    Our path towards carbon neutrality is outlined in a progressive Energy Action Plan, developed through Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy program. The plan, finalized in 2020, outlines strategies and programs to help us achieve two critical energy milestones: 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and carbon neutral energy supply by 2040*. Here are the strategies helping us get there:

    Residential Efficiency & Behavior Change

    This strategy connects residents with educational opportunities and Xcel Energy programs and rebates to encourage and educate them on how to reduce their energy waste to get even more efficiency out of their already energy-efficient homes.

    New Home Residential Construction

    Achieving energy innovation starts at construction. This strategy connects our new home builders with the information they need to build the most efficient, technology-ready homes using Xcel Energy incentives which make it affordable to do so.

    Residential Renewables & Solar Development

    Whether installing solar on new and existing homes at Sterling Ranch, or through the purchase of renewable offsets geared to avoid or reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we make it easy for all Sterling Ranch residents to renewably power their homes.


    “The Energy Action Plan helps build on our sustainability successes. . . We want Sterling Ranch to reduce its carbon footprint without necessarily impacting the cost of housing or negatively impacting our residents. . . We are fortunate to live in a state where we have a lot of strong wind and solar resources in order to accomplish this goal.”

    Brock Smethills

    President, Sterling Ranch Development Company

    Stated goals are a part of the Energy Action Plan Sterling Ranch is currently in the process of implementing. The data, projections, goals, and other information contained in this Energy Action Plan and Appendices are for general educational and informational purposes only. This information is provided in good faith; however, actual results will vary. Sterling Ranch Development Company, Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board, their affiliates, and anyone associated with this Energy Action Plan do not make any representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information. The plans and goals in this Energy Action Plan are dependent on several assumptions and other factors, many of which are outside of Sterling Ranch’s control, and therefore are aspirational only. There are no guarantees that the plans and goals in this Energy Action Plan will be achieved. This Energy Action Plan does not create any binding commitment on Sterling Ranch Development Company, Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board, their affiliates, or anyone associated with this Energy Action Plan, which may be modified or terminated at any time.

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    If you’ve never been to Sterling Ranch, you may be shocked at the feeling of connection you experience when perusing the natural surroundings, browsing for your dream home, or meeting our Community Ambassadors and your future neighbors. At Sterling Ranch, we are intentionally creating a community where joy resides. Stop by for a visit to find your new home.