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    Taking Water Resource Management to New Levels

    Conscientiously stewarding our environment

    Those of us living in the West recognize our responsibility to conserve our most limited resource, water. When creating Sterling Ranch, we knew two things: we would have to bring water here, as it wasn’t yet available in the area, and more importantly, we would have to create intelligent community and home water usage practices to keep costs down while conserving this precious resource for future generations.

    Dedicated to Sustainability

    Keeping water renewable

    As a conscientious community dedicated to sustainability, we’ve elevated water resource management to new levels. Our water is supplied by Dominion Water Sanitation District, which manages community rainwater harvesting, and is a proud member of the WISE Partnership — a regional water supply project of Colorado municipalities such as Denver Water, Aurora Water, and several Douglas County systems. This partnership has greatly reduced infrastructure costs, and we are proud to be the first community in Douglas County to bring a majority of renewable water to our residents.

    Conserving our most precious resource — in the community and in the home

    With water now flowing at Sterling Ranch, we, alongside our builders and our residents, are continuously innovating to improve the way our water is managed and conserved:

    • Our long-standing partnership with the Denver Botanic Gardens has allowed us to use its research and expert knowledge to leverage landscape plans that prioritize beautiful, drought-resistant plants and grasses that thrive in Colorado’s arid climate.
    • We incorporate water sustainability into land use — orienting homes and sizing lots in ways that maximize water conservation. Early research numbers show promising results from our efforts: so far our community has used about half (sometimes less) as much water compared to other municipalities in the Denver Metro and Douglas County areas.
    • What’s more, we are proud to be Colorado’s first and only rainwater harvesting pilot site project, unanimously approved by the state legislature in 2009. The Water Conservation Board regularly reviews data from its water monitoring stations to ensure continued, long-term success.
    • We are the first community in the state to use a Siemens-powered dual-water meter system within the home, which accounts separately for outdoor and indoor usage, allowing residents to adjust their habits and helping them conserve water and save money.
    • We provide a smart irrigation controller, called Rachio, with every home. This leading-edge, innovative technology alerts residents of any water leaks and weather changes, allowing them to better manage usage by changing watering schedules accordingly to conserve water.

    The importance of wise water management for today and our future cannot be overstated. Join our culture of stewardship and conservation that ensures our residents will enjoy an abundance of water for generations to come.


    “Water is such an important necessity of human life…There is plenty of water in the state, though it’s in the wrong places and we have to move it. No one is big enough to move it all by themselves. In the old days there was a saying around Colorado… “whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting”. Rather than adopt that mentality, we found that if we worked together with cities, districts, and water suppliers we could bring complete water systems together that could be shared at a fraction of the cost of any one of us doing it by ourselves. Sharing infrastructure reduces costs to everyone including our residents.”

    Harold Smethills

    Chairman, Sterling Ranch Development Company

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    If you’ve never been to Sterling Ranch, you may be shocked at the feeling of connection you experience when perusing the natural surroundings, browsing for your dream home, or meeting our Community Ambassadors and your future neighbors. At Sterling Ranch, we are intentionally creating a community where joy resides. Stop by for a visit to find your new home.