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    Sterling Ranch Happenings

    Sterling Ranch, A Place to Belong and to Connect

    At Sterling Ranch, we are more than just a master-planned development and more than just a collection of homes and neighborhoods — we are a community of people that come together to share values, hot meals, laughs, celebrations, and so much more. When you live here, you can feel it in your bones — you are part of something special.

    Engaging Community Events

    We host scores of in-person and virtual events for our residents and friends, from holiday celebrations and fundraisers to fitness classes and lifelong learning opportunities to Denver-Metro’s first Tough Mudder endurance event. Check out our bustling calendar to see the kinds of events you and your family can enjoy when you make your home at Sterling Ranch.

    Princess & Pirates Costume Party & Story Time, February 2020

    Stay Connected With Us on the Sterling Ranch Blog

    Read about past events, what’s coming up, and all the exciting news of what lies ahead for our already thriving community. Explore other topics that are pertinent to Sterling Ranch and our outdoor-loving, sustainable, altruistic lifestyle.

    Upcoming Wellness Events in and near Sterling Ranch

    Upcoming Wellness Events in and near Sterling Ranch

    When it comes to wellness, Sterling Ranch residents have it all. They enjoy incredible mountain views and access to miles of trails and popular state parks. They also look forward to and attend scores of engaging community events year-round. Organized by Kate Kunzie,...

    Stress Less: Organize Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

    Stress Less: Organize Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

    Are you looking to reduce stress, create peace of mind and save time in the new year? If so one simple action — organization — can get you there. Organizing can make a world of difference in your daily life and it can be accomplished pretty quickly. Imagine leaving...

    What a Year at Sterling Ranch: Community Events That Made 2020 Special

    What a Year at Sterling Ranch: Community Events That Made 2020 Special

    In 2020, the Sterling Ranch community went through a whirlwind of growth for which we are grateful: Newly built houses became homes to nearly 400 new families. Development began in the new Ascent Village and the soon-to-come Prospect Village. We welcomed another vital...

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