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    At Sterling Ranch, we utilize cutting-edge technology to make our residents’ lives easier. For instance, our lightning-fast one-gig fiber Internet — that comes with every home — allows for quick communication between family members and the world. It’s also a great perk for people who work from home. We also utilize smart technology to monitor utility usage, which saves our residents money and helps preserve the environment. 

    Technology makes our lives better, yet there are times when the screens, phone calls, and influx of information can become daunting. Enter National Day of Unplugging, starting tonight, March 5th through tomorrow March 6th. It’s a great opportunity to shut down for the day and reconnect with nature, loved ones, and your spirit. Though, you really can intentionally unplug any day.

    Give yourself a break

    The National Day of Unplugging website defines this day as “a 24 hour global respite from technology. It highlights the value of disconnecting from digital devices to connect with ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities in real time.”

    10 ways you can unplug and destress during the National Day of Unplugging

    Here’s 10 ways you can unplug and destress during the National Day of Unplugging — or any day your heart and mind need a little break. We know many of us have to work and use a computer, so our list includes things you can do before, after, and during work to still participate!

    #1 Write a gratitude list first thing in the morning
    When your alarm goes off Friday morning, instead of sprinting for the phone and checking your email, grab a piece of paper. Write down all the things you’re grateful for in your life. It’s sure to be a positive, heartwarming start to your day.

    #2 Get outside
    Go hiking at the nearby Roxborough or Chatfield State Parks. Or utilize some of Sterling Ranch’s internal trails by taking a leisurely walk with a cup of coffee. Just get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sun on your face.

    #3 Bake a cake from scratch
    Baking from scratch can become a fun art (and science!) project. Some even say it can be meditative to get lost in the step-by-step process. The end result is a delicious treat you can share with friends and neighbors.

    #4 Have a leisurely afternoon at Atlas Coffee
    Our favorite neighborhood coffee shop offers delicious fare for all to enjoy. Order whatever your heart desires, have a seat, and enjoy the beautiful mountain views from inside the Sterling Center. Bring a book along to read for an additional non-screen slow down.

    #5 Plan a treasure hunt for your kids
    What can be better than looking for clues, laughing with siblings and friends, and discovering something together? For all involved, this can be a nice break from all the video game playing and cartoon watching.

    #6 Host a family game night
    Whether you decide to play as a family or let your neighbors in on the fun, a game night is sure to lift the spirits and provide some much needed bonding time.

    #7 Take a nap!
    What’s more relaxing and refreshing that that?

    #8 Take mindful breaks at work
    It’s easy to check social media and make phone calls on your break at work. Instead, unwind by taking a walk, journaling, or reading a book.

    #9 Have a “let’s get to know each other” lunch with a coworker
    Take a coworker you haven’t chatted with in a while to lunch and get to know them! You can practice your active listening skills by asking a number of questions and listening intently. You might be surprised at how quickly time flies.

    #10 Have a conversation that could have been an email
    Instead of writing yet another email, go talk to the person you need to face-to-face. Necessary or not, this break from your inbox for a little human contact can re-inspire you.

    Infuse the spirit of unplugging into your “day-to-day”

    We hope you take the time to slow down and destress by partaking in this special day. We also hope this list inspires you to infuse a little unplugging into your “everyday”. Afterall, we all need the peace and quiet that comes with unplugging, even if it’s for a little while.

    With a coffee shop and local brewery around the corner, a variety of amenities just down the road, and the great outdoors in their backyard, Sterling Ranch residents will have no problem figuring out what to do on National Day of Unplugging. Around here, we’re fostering wellness and meaningful connections. Ready to live the Sterling Ranch lifestyle? Check out the variety of quick move-in homes from world-class builders available today.