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    As we settle into the quarantine life for another few weeks, many of us are staying home to help “flatten the curve” and a number of Sterling Ranch residents are joining our already robust work from home populace. Our blazing-fast one gig+ fiber Internet helps get things done quickly, along with ensuring, Mom, Dad and the kids all can stay connected to the world outside for work, school and play. Here’s a few other practices that can make remote work accessible and effective for you and your family.

    Work From Home With Ease with These Tips

    #1 Wake up and get ready for your day

    Of course, you’re allowed a once-in-a-while pajama day when working from home. However, there’s something to be said about keeping your usual “get ready, get dressed to impress, eat your Wheaties, and have a great day” routine — it can be an awesome tool for creating focus, confidence and productivity.

    #2 Replace your daily commute with something useful 

    Come up with a creative, intentional way to transition from family/home life to work life. Listen to a short motivational podcast, practice a quick guided meditation, or do a stretch routine . . . anything that signifies a start to your work day will help your productivity sky-rocket.

    #3 Have a designated work space 

    Don’t have an at-home office? Signify a workspace anywhere in your home. Really, anywhere is good! Just knowing that you have one will mentally prepare you to distance from the rest of your responsibilities and focus on your work.

    #4 Schedule breaks 

    Take time to make a schedule for your day, and include a few breaks. Whether it’s a quiet walk in the park or a dance party with your kids, just make sure you take time to get away from your computer and clear your mind.

    #5 Communicate with the family about your schedule

    You probably have a lot to juggle, so talk to the rest of the family and let them know when your most important meetings are and how much you need to get done on a given day. When the whole family understands each other’s schedules you can all support each other in getting the most out of your days.

    #6 Make sure you have at least 3 opportunities to chat with someone face-to-face (virtually!) every week 

    Why? Human interaction is important for communication and can be a nice way to feel             connected to your team (if you’re on one) and to your work. A smile from a co-worker can go a long way. Schedule a short Zoom or Skype check-in meeting a few times a week and notice the corners of your mouth (and your spirits!) lift up!

    #7 Be easy on yourself 

    Whether this is a new venture for you or not, be easy on yourself! Take a breath, and remember that whatever you are feeling is OK. Especially right now. No one knows how to navigate this new stage (or really any stage!) of our lives perfectly. We know that you’re doing your best and thus. . . rocking it!

    Sterling Ranch makes working from home easy by providing blazing-fast one gig+ fiber Internet to every home. We are a smart community on a mission to make all stages of our residents’ lives easy, meaningful, and fun. With over 70 floorplans available, you can work with one of our top-notch builders, and find the perfect place for you to call home.