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    Streetlights. Ho-hum. A pedestrian topic, to be sure, but at Sterling Ranch, we actually think it’s pretty exciting. And we think you should be excited too, because there are many benefits for those who live in a “smart city” with intelligent streetlights, like those we are fortunate to have here.

    When a community or city implements intelligent street lighting, it is an investment in the community that pays dividends in a variety of ways — all to ultimately benefit homeowners. At Sterling Ranch, this is one of the ways we are ensuring our community is forward thinking and resilient for future generations.

    Whether you’re headed home after a concert in the park, walking home from a BBQ at a neighbor’s house or out trick or treating with your kiddos, intelligent streetlights will help you along your way. Here are few more benefits homeowners enjoy:

    Cost savings

    According to the Northeast Group, a smart cities market intelligence firm, “Streetlights are becoming the backbone of larger smart city initiatives,” and for good reason. The company’s president, Benjamin Gardner, reported to Axios that nearly 40 percent of a city’s energy expenses stem from streetlights. Traditional bulbs are expensive to run and the outdated poles from which they hang cost a lot in upkeep. Why pay these high costs when there is technology — intelligent streetlights — that offers:

    • Superior illumination
    • Maximum energy efficiency through the use of LED bulbs
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Significant return on investment


    “Streetlights are becoming the backbone of larger smart city initiatives . . .”

    Through an investment in intelligent streetlights, we at Sterling Ranch hope to lessen not only our carbon footprint but also our energy usage, passing along these savings to homeowners as a lower cost of living.

    Continued safety​

    Located in northwest Douglas County, Colorado, Sterling Ranch is a safe, friendly place to raise a family. Intelligent street lighting helps us ensure this sense of security continues for all residents. On All Hallows’ Eve and every day of the year, intelligent streetlights empower residents, particularly in the event of an emergency. Our streetlights at Sterling Ranch, as highlighted in the recent “Get Smart” article by Colorado Builder, are integrated and “‘communicate’ with each other and adjust to local needs.” These lights are capable of acting as beacons that change colors in a fire or police event — a feature Sterling Ranch envisions activating in the future. Now that’s smart!

    Environmental impact

    At Sterling Ranch, our actions reflect our values. We endeavor to become a carbon-neutral energy community — in fact, through our ambitious energy plan, we hope to achieve that status by 2040. Implementing energy-efficient intelligent streetlights is just one piece of this plan.

    But the environmental benefits are farther reaching: our community is also a proud participant in the Dark Sky Initiative. Through responsible outdoor lighting efforts, we are committed to complying with the initiative’s standard to reduce light pollution and protect the view of the starry sky above.

    Sterling Ranch: A forward-thinking community

    An investment in 21st-century technology is an investment in the future of our community, and at Sterling Ranch we are committed to growing a thriving community for today’s families and future generations. Ready to be a part of such a forward-thinking community? We welcome you to visit us and discover what makes Sterling Ranch so special. Until then, be sure to check out our immersive virtual Tour of Homes to find your dream home.