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    Community is the heart of this place

    As 2019 comes to a close, we have been reflecting with joy and gratitude on all the blessings within the Sterling Ranch community. In fact, we’ve experienced incredible growth! Thanks to our top-notch home builders and the culture we’re creating here, we welcomed over 300 new homeowners this year — bringing our resident population to nearly 2,000!

    Our creative Lifestyle Director, Kate Kunzie has planned scores of unforgettable, fun events for our residents. From weekly trivia nights to bingo and meaningful holiday celebrations, we have been having a blast!

    Check out some major community and event highlights from 2019 at Sterling Ranch!

    Everything we do and plan when it comes to Sterling Ranch stems from our deeply intentional values. Because of that, all of our efforts and events were value-based, which we hope has brought meaning and joy to those whose lives we’ve touched along the way.


    Expressing gratitude for all that is good in our lives by helping others is something that is close to our hearts. Thanks to our residents, we have been able to partake in a number of fundraising efforts this year; we’ve hosted food drives, coat drives, and other family events that benefited a number of incredible organizations. We are humbled by the effort our residents and friends have put in to benefit others. Learning about and featuring some of our neighboring do-good organizations was the icing on the cake.


    It’s been a pleasure getting to know families that are part of the Sterling Ranch community; seeing them make friends with their neighbors and create closely knit ties with each other has been rewarding to say the least.

    Bringing people together in this way is what Sterling Ranch is all about — events like the Rockies Outing, the First Annual Block Party, and the Summer Food Truck and Movie Night helped to establish the incredible bonds we have seen form.


    Health and wellness is a practice, some would even argue —a lifetime journey, and we are lucky to provide our residents with many offerings to embrace and live this concept. From monthly Active Minds educational series to yoga and barre classes at Providence Park, we feel like we’ve really hit the nail on the head when it comes to encouraging residents to get out there, meet their neighbors, sweat, and learn together. We are most proud of hosting our very own Tough Mudder event! What a wild, crazy and fun time that was!


    How we take care of our land and resources determines what kind of life our children will have. That is why we take stewardship and conservation so seriously around here.
    In 2019 we offered a number of events that provided learning opportunities on ways to be intentional when using water and energy. The local Water Treatment Plant Tour and Landscaping Class were just some of the popular events this year. We would love to hear what you would like to learn about next!


    In 2019, we also made great efforts to deliver on our promise to continually innovate in order to better the lives of our residents. For instance, we upgraded the neighborhood street lights with the ability to turn off and save energy when not in use and to turn on when you’re driving or walking down the street at night to promote safety.

    We’ve also made progress on extending Waterton Road, which will provide access to major roads and workplaces.

    Have a JOYful New Year!

    We are so grateful for you and we wish you a year full of blessings, love, and good times. Here’s to a beautiful 2020!