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    This rather confusing time of the coronavirus pandemic has changed parts of our lives forever, but there are things that will remain true no matter what — Sterling Ranch is still a community that cares, a community where residents come together to support one another and a community that actively pursues the vision of making the world a better place

    We experience the grace and positivity of our residents on a daily basis just by observing how they are taking care of one another — what they are doing for their families, friends and all the people working on the front lines. We are inspired and honored to be part of such an incredibly connected, loving place. 

    May is a new beginning — a month when we hope things start to look more normal. It is also the month of Mother’s Day, National Nurses Day and National Teacher Appreciation Day. In light of the many celebrations to come, we wanted to express our gratitude for all the wonderful humans we are blessed to know and blessed to have helping us at this time . . . and always.

    Brimming with gratitude

    Gratitude is one of our core values, and it’s something we do not take for granted. Gratitude unfailingly leads to joy — when we cultivate a grateful heart, no matter the circumstances, we find more peace and more happiness as a result. Today, our deepest gratitude goes to . . .

    Health care workers

    For working tirelessly to keep our communities healthy, no matter what. Your bravery and compassion are unmatched.

    Grocery store workers

    For keeping the doors open and shelves stocked so we can feed our families.

    First responders

    For your selfless heroism and remarkable sacrifices, now and always.


    For researching, testing and educating us all — your work is helping save people’s lives.


    For cultivating and growing food that helps us nourish our families.

    Delivery drivers

    For delivering meals that bring us comfort in these uncertain times and also support grocery stores, restaurants and entire food supply chains.

    Post office and delivery service employees

    For keeping the communication (and Amazon deliveries) coming.


    For managing it ALL with grace: the kiddos, the work, the home, the family schedule, the sanity of loved ones, the list goes on and on . . . Your superhuman powers always astonish.


    For offering strength, compassion, infinite smiles, dad jokes and so much more! You are the glue that holds families together. 


    For being loving and supportive. . . always. So many of us are missing your presence, yet we know you are here for us no matter what.


    For innovating, educating and caring about our children as if they were your own.

    Small businesses

    For working hard to stay open, and for creatively providing us with services that keep people smiling.

    The construction industry

    For continuing to build homes and offices; for maintaining our infrastructure and, in so doing, taking care of our future.


    For creating art — music, paintings, movies, shows, comedy. Thanks to you we are entertained, we are calmed and we are laughing and crying together while celebrating the human experience.

    Fitness instructors

    For inspiring us to keep moving our bodies, getting our heart rates up and raising our spirits.

    Technology and the people who maintain it

    For keeping us connected — to each other, to information, to entertainment and to our work.

    Kate Kunzie, Lifestyle Director extraordinaire

    For pulling out all the stops to keep the Sterling Ranch community entertained and feeling connected to each other with engaging virtual events!

    All the wonderful humans supporting their families, friends and those with whom they come in contact

    For you! Yes, we are grateful for YOU! You are doing your best . . . you are spreading more joy than you know. Keep your head up and your heart open — we will get through this together!

    Sterling Ranch is a community built on values that bring people, technology and nature together, making the world a better place. As our community grows, our values remain the same and gratitude is at the top of the list. We are grateful for our residents, our top-notch builders and all the amenities here (with more coming soon!) that make our lives memorable and meaningful. Joy resides here . . . contact us today and experience it for yourself!