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    Raised garden beds provide a space-saving and efficient way to grow your own produce. These are some of the benefits to raised garden beds that have made them so popular.

    Versatility – With a traditional garden plot, you are restricted to using land that meets several criteria. A raised garden bed can be placed almost anywhere, provided it has enough sunlight (six to eight hours is recommended, unless you’re specifically planning shade-friendly crops).

    The size of your raised garden bed is up to you as well. They tend to be between three to four feet wide and between six to eight feet long, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. The main consideration to keep in mind is that you want to be able to reach the center of the garden bed without stepping on the soil.

    Height is also adjustable, and largely a matter of preference. Raised garden beds should be at least 10-12 inches deep to allow enough room for roots, but there are some advantages to making them even higher. If bending over is uncomfortable and you prefer to keep the plants within easier reach, keep stacking those boards! More soil will be required, but if it saves your back it might be worth the extra spend. You can also put a wide ledge or bench around the edge of your raised garden bed to allow for easier access.

    Soil Quality – Speaking of soil, another advantage to raised garden beds is that you have full control over the quality of the soil. Regardless of where you choose to place the garden bed, you can fill it with nutrient rich, organic soil and have confidence that your plants are getting the very best nutrition.

    Visual Appeal – Raised garden beds bring a tidy and groomed appearance to your garden. Plants that tend to spread rapidly, such as mint, are kept in check so they don’t run wild over the entire property. And you can choose different materials for the structure of the beds to accentuate the overall aesthetic of your yard.

    Better Pest Control – You won’t entirely be rid of garden pests, but another benefit to raised garden beds is that the height makes it more difficult for nibblers such as bunnies and groundhogs to get to the goods. Put a layer of chicken wire under the floor of the box to prevent animals from burrowing up into it. It’s also fairly simple to protect from unwanted insects or birds by placing a net over your crops.

    Longer Growing Season – Since the soil warms up more quickly in a raised bed, you can start planting earlier in the spring season than you can in a traditional garden. By building a cold frame, you can also earn more growing time at the end of the season.

    With so many advantages, it’s easy to see the appeal of raised garden beds. Are you ready to get started? It’s not too late! It’s an excellent home project to tackle over the upcoming long weekend. You can find excellent advice on preparing a raised garden bed here.

    The Community Authority Board (CAB) at Sterling Ranch will also be holding a demonstration in the next few weeks on raised garden bed planter boxes that are made of concrete but look like wood. While wood is a popular choice for constructing raised garden beds, there are some disadvantages. Treated wood can add unwanted chemicals to your garden, and untreated wood deteriorates rapidly. Concrete is a smart solution, so be sure to join the demonstration and learn more about it!

    Sterling Ranch is a Colorado community that values natural resources and seeks to steward them for the greater good. To learn more about what makes us unique, and to view new quick move-in homes for sale, visit us online.