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    Have you recently heard the unmistakable song of red-winged blackbirds that congregate atop reeds in marshy areas? Seen the majestic wingspan of the bald eagle as it soars against the sky’s bright-blue backdrop? Spring is a busy time for birds in and around Sterling Ranch, and May is a month bustling with bird-related events, such as Bird Day, World Bird Migratory Day and guided bird walks at nearby Roxborough State Park. Find joy in the fresh air this month and take note of the vibrant life of birds in the area. 

    Year-round birding: 10 commonly seen bird species in Douglas County, CO

    Sterling Ranch residents enjoy an array of species that similarly make the area their home year-round. Read on for a list of birds you can expect to see near Sterling Ranch.

    #1 American robin

    This orange-breasted bird and its quintessential blue eggs are the most frequently spotted throughout the state.

    #2 Belted kingfisher

    Its brown belt and gray-blue mohawk-like head feathers make this bird easily identifiable.

    #3 Black-capped chickadee

    Cheery sounds emanate from this small bundle of a bird that sports a distinct black head of feathers as it flutters from tree to tree, feeder to feeder.

    #4 Canada goose

    This familiar honker, and its friend the mallard, are mainstays around the area, particularly at Chatfield State Park’s expansive reservoir.

    #5 Downy woodpecker

    This recognizable black-and-white patterned bird boasts a signature red marking along the back of its head as its long, slender body clings to backyard trees and bird feeders.

    #6 Great blue heron

    This stately bird wades through the water’s edge before taking flight with an impressive wingspan.

    #7 Northern flicker

    With its cheetah-like spotted belly and wings, and a distinguished bright orange strip extending along its neck beyond its beak, this bird in the woodpecker family can be seen throughout the neighborhood.

    #8 Red-tailed hawk

    Garnering attention as it patiently lies in wait along fence posts, searching for its next meal, this bird of prey has spotted brown top feathers and is eye-catchingly white on the undersides of its broad wings.

    #9 Song sparrow

    Streaked with brown feathers, this unassuming species delights with fantastical melodies.

    #10 White-breasted nuthatch

    Not to be confused with the black-capped chickadee, this small bird’s distinct white breast beneath a solid blue back studded with black-tipped wings is a regular backyard visitor throughout the year.

    Runners up

    These stunning species can be spotted year-round near Sterling Ranch, though in fewer numbers:

    • Bald eagle
    • Red-winged blackbird
    • Great horned owl
    • Common merganser
    • Spotted towhee

    Seasonal visitors

    May through September is prime time to spot these seasonal visitors to Douglas County.

    • House wren
    • Broad-tailed hummingbird
    • Yellow warbler
    • Lesser goldfinch
    • Cedar waxwing

    Interested in further exploring birds in the area? Check out eBird Colorado, an interactive site updated with observations by people living in and visiting the community, and be sure to stay connected with our partner, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies.

    Sterling Ranch: A bird-friendly community

    ​In spring, the air buzzes with chirps and songs and trills and calls from the many bird species that make northwest Douglas County their home, year-round or just for the warm seasons. Likewise, residents at Sterling Ranch also buzz with joy as they delight in a full calendar of activities in the fresh air. Looking for a community that values connection with others and the great outdoors? Visit us today and tour our inspiring new model homes — your vibrant future awaits!