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    Have you heard of 1st Fridays at Sterling Ranch? This new monthly block party event is catching on, and we’re so excited to foster the strong sense of community that continues to blossom among our residents. It’s always been our vision to provide a space for people to come together in community, to find joy with one another. The 1st Friday gatherings are just the latest in a robust calendar of events we host at Sterling Ranch.

    Ready for some neighborhood fun? Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you participate in the festivities:

    ​1. Prepare!

    A little preparation goes a long way in ensuring a successful evening with neighbors. Consider creating a committee of sorts that will do the legwork for the benefit of all. Have designated neighbors stroll the street, ringing doorbells, meeting neighborhood newcomers and collecting information about each family on a simple chart, such as:

    • Family name and contact information
    • Interests and talents (master of ceremonies? baker? grill legend?)
    • Food allergies or dietary restrictions
    • Schedule preferences
    • Does the family have anything to contribute, such as tables, chairs, plates and napkins and cups, games and so on?

    Once this reconnaissance is complete, create a schedule so people can save the date. Offer a signup sheet to encourage involvement at every level, from food to set up and tear down — then enjoy as your block party is a fun event for all.

    2. Contribute a recipe that wows

    When it comes to large gatherings, potluck dinners are a simple way to go. It takes the pressure off a single family to host and adds variety. When considering a recipe, make-ahead choices are the ultimate in convenience. Also, keep in mind how a dish will hold up for extended periods of time (for instance, a cheese platter may not be the best choice on a warm night). And don’t forget about drinks!

    3. Offer activities for all ages

    • Host a bike or scooter decorating contest that culminates in a mini-parade to show off all the hard work and creativity. 
    • Set up games of horseshoe, cornhole or bocce ball, then select teams and have a blast!
    • Create a scavenger hunt that encourages not only exploring the neighborhood but also connecting with neighbors.

    4. Establish inclusive gatherings

    Invite not only neighbors but family and friends. Extend a warm welcome to local police officers and firefighters. Include your mail carrier and members of the community boards. Creating community within your community is a powerful way to enhance a joyful, inclusive lifestyle for all.

    Planning a 1st Friday block party for your street? Or village? Be sure to let our dedicated lifestyle director, Kelsey Stiltner, know — we’d be delighted to bring extra fun and food to the event!

    Find your place at Sterling Ranch

    At Sterling Ranch, we are all about finding joy. We believe a joyful lifestyle is possible for every family. The tight-knit atmosphere at Sterling Ranch is no accident — it is the culmination of intentionality and the gathering of like-minded people seeking a sense of community. Ready to be part of such a welcoming, resident-focused community? Visit us today and see for yourself what makes Sterling Ranch a unique place to call home.