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    Natural light has garnered its place on the must-have list of features desired by homeowners in recent years, and for good reason. There are a plethora of benefits to capturing as much natural light in your home as possible. Exposure to natural light can improve your vision, boost your mood and even increase your productivity (a big bonus for those who work from home).

    Other benefits include:

      • Improved health
      • Increased focus
      • Reduced stress
      • And more!

    5 design tips for optimized natural lighting​

    A home’s natural light potential comes first from its structure: high ceilings and an abundance of windows (many of them large) contribute to a room feeling light and bright. Interior design tricks can further aid in optimizing natural lighting. Use these 5 tips to ensure your home captures as much natural light as possible:

    Decorate with mirrors

    Mirrors, which reflect rather than absorb the sunlight passing through a window, have the power to dramatically shift the natural lighting in any room. Strategically hang or prop a mirror against a wall (ideally opposite a window) or choose smaller mirrors to place on shelves — this not only brightens a room but also makes it feel larger.

    Lighten up

    Applying white paint on interior window frames is an easy way to amplify the sunlight streaming in. For the home’s walls, choosing a lighter palette goes a long way for brightening the space naturally, as lighter shades reflect light better. Also consider the texture of your window treatments and opt for sheer curtains (and avoid heavy, dark treatments when possible).

    Gloss it up

    Beyond color, the paint finish you use in your home has a big impact on natural lighting potential. Choose matte versus flat for the ceiling; everywhere else, consider upping the sheen one degree. Like eggshell? Try satin instead. If satin is your go-to, experiment with semigloss.

    Mind your flooring

    Because of its polished finish, wood or tile flooring gives an instant boost to the feel of a room’s lightness — the smooth surface imparts an inherent reflection (as compared to carpet). For carpeting, opt for light, neutral colors.

    Incorporate glass tiles

    Did you know glass tiles reflect nearly 100 percent of the light that hits them? Use this to your advantage and consider them for your kitchen backsplash or in bathrooms. Not only are they beautiful but they will capture the natural light available in any space.

    Floorplans that shine

    Looking for a new home? If an abundance of natural light is on your must-have list, here are some floorplans at Sterling Ranch that maximize a home’s natural light from a structural perspective. Designed with large windows and tall ceilings, these homes from our award-winning builders are sure to impress.

    Plan C

    This unique townhome design from Tri Pointe Homes boasts large windows that flood the main living areas with ample natural light. Coupled with two outdoor patio spaces, this home design will help to boost your mood year-round.

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    An airy great room and a light-filled sunroom featuring a soaring ceiling deliver an abundance of natural light in this floorplan from Richmond American Homes. This stunning open-concept design is a must-see!

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    The plentiful oversized windows of this townhome design from Dream Finders Homes ensure the home is inviting, bright and filled with mood-boosting natural light. Sleek and sophisticated, this floorplan offers design elements galore to customize your new home.

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    Find joy with natural light

    A naturally lit home is a welcoming, comfortable place to be. With just a few creatively employed interior design tips, you can maximize the natural light in your home and reap the benefits it offers year-round. 

    Ready to live your best life? We invite you to visit us and explore all the opportunities for enhanced living at Sterling Ranch. Our world-class amenities, breathtaking surroundings and convenient location are just a sliver of what makes this community special. Model homes are open daily; we look forward to your visit.