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    Sterling Ranch is excited to congratulate the Dominion Water & Sanitation District on their groundbreaking, held yesterday, for their newest pipeline expansion project. Our residents will continue to receive high quality water access, efficiently managed across the region’s water partnership, thanks to important connection project like these. Read more below.


    Greenwood Village, Colo., August 22, 2018 – The Board of Directors ofDominion Water and Sanitation District, the wholesale water, wastewater and stormwater provider for northwest Douglas County, celebrated commencement of work to complete the last segment of a pipeline that will bring renewable water to the region.

    The Eastern Regional Pipeline will finalize the Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) system, delivering renewable water supplies to residents of Northwest Douglas County and adding 1,325 acre-feet of water to Dominion’s already robust and reliable water supply portfolio. The pipeline is built to carry not only the supply agreed to through WISE, but also forthcoming supplies to service prospectivecustomers.

    “The Eastern Regional Pipeline is the last key piece of infrastructure for the west side of Dominion’s regional supply, which is also the last leg of the WISE system loop. This pipeline will carry much of our water supply to current and future customers,” said Mary Kay Provaznik, General Manager of Dominion Water and Sanitation District. “The pipeline’s construction is beneficial to our current customers, and to the entire region as communities work with us to connect.”

    The WISE Partnership is a regional water supply project between Aurora Water, Denver Water and members of the South Metro WISE Authority (SMWA). The collaborative agreement involves the sharing of water supplies and infrastructure between all three entities and is one of the first of its kind in the country.  Dominion is the largest participant of the 10 SMWA members to receive supplies from this project, funding 20 percent of the project.

    “This innovative approach to water and the partnerships we’re seeing in the South Metro area are leading examples of a new era of collaboration in Colorado’s water future,” said John Stulp, Governor Hickenlooper’s water adviser. “Moreover, this project is playing a key role in helping south metrocommunities shift away from nonrenewable groundwater to a renewable supply and a more secure water future.”

    WISE is a key part of the robust water system Dominion is developing for northwest Douglas County.  Through WISE and agreements with Aurora and Castle Rock, Dominion has developed a firm and reliable water supply for the region.  In addition, through a partnership with Roxborough, a state of the art water treatment plant is providing high-quality water to Dominion’s customer. Dominion also operates the state’s only rainwater harvesting pilot program.

    Dominion is currently in the process of completing the preliminary work needed to commence construction of the 11.5-mile pipeline. Construction is expected to begin in late September, with renewable water deliveries projected to start in fall 2019.


    About Dominion Water & Sanitation District (DWSD)

    Dominion is a special district that was formed in 2004 as part of the County’s vision to bring renewable water and access to more centralized water and wastewater services to northwest Douglas County. Dominion Water & Sanitation District’s approach leverages location, infrastructure and partnerships to create a regionally integrated system. By having an integrated system, Dominion fully and efficiently utilizes its resources and therefore provides a reliable and cost competitive service. Dominion’s service is built on innovation, partnerships, and thoughtful stewardship.

    For more information, visit: www.DominionWSD.org