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    Easter is almost here, and if you have little ones in your life, there’s a good chance you’ll be decorating a few dozen hard-boiled eggs in pastel colors and hiding them in your yard (or in the house, depending on whether or not there’s a snowstorm). But even the young bunnies eventually tire of the hunt. That’s why we’ve put together a list of other games you can play to get more mileage out of those eggs. Keep the kids busy and the good times hopping!

    Match the Eggs – You’ll need plastic eggs for this fun matching game. Take at least eight eggs and fill them with different materials, two of each kind. You can use pennies, beans, sand . . . anything that makes a distinct sound. Challenge the kiddos to pair up each egg with its match based on the sound it makes. As an added bonus, you can put on some upbeat music and get the kids dancing with their homemade shakers!

    Capture the Egg – This game is an Easter spin on the classic “Capture the Flag.” Rather than one flag, use eight eggs in two colors and divide the kids into two teams. After each team chooses their color, line up each team’s four eggs on their end of the field. The team who manages to bring the most eggs back to their side without being tagged is the winner!

    Easter Egg Lawn Bowling – What do you get when you cross bocce ball with Easter? Easter Egg Lawn Bowling! Take one white egg and toss it gently onto the lawn. Then, each player takes their eggs and takes turns rolling it towards the white one. See who can get the closest without touching the white egg.

    Egg Push – Get your nose in the grass, just like the bunnies! The object of this game is to push an Easter egg across the finish line using only your nose — no other body parts. The first one across wins!

    Easter Egg Toss – Fill plastic eggs with jelly beans and line the kids up in two rows facing each other. Let them take turns tossing their egg from one partner to the other. If the egg stays in one piece, have everyone take a big step backwards and try again. The object of the game is to see who can go the longest without breaking an egg. And don’t worry — the first kids to be eliminated will be too busy eating jelly beans to be upset.

    We hope this list has given you some inspiration for your Easter gatherings. Happy Spring!

    Sterling Ranch is a close-knit community with gorgeous new homes available for quick move-in. Located along the Front Range, residents enjoy 30 miles of community trails, abundant open space, and close proximity to state parks. Learn more about the nature of Sterling Ranch.