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    At Sterling Ranch, we have so much to be grateful for on a daily basis. Our awe-inspiring surroundings, world-class amenities and amazing neighbors are just the start. As a guiding principle, we value gratitude, and we hope to promote such an appreciation for life in the residents who choose to call this amazing place home.

    Could you benefit from an attitude of thankfulness? Here are six tips to ensure your life is brimming with joy and gratitude.


    “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

    —Eckhart Tolle

    6 Tips for Cultivating Gratitude

    Keep a joy journal

    Take time each day to write down that for which you’re grateful. Add at least one line to your journal daily — before long, you may find yourself adding far more. Gratitude begets gratitude, and keeping a journal is an effective way to develop this value in your day-to-day life. As a bonus, it’s fun to look back and see all the blessings you’ve experienced along the way.

    Be intentional

    As you move through your daily routine, slow down and be mindful of the present. View the world around you with intentionality and be open to recognizing and receiving the goodness that surrounds you. When you pay attention, you’ll be amazed at the small things you’ll begin to notice — it’s in these moments that taking the time to show gratitude has a galvanizing impact on your outlook and your sense of contentment.


    Meditation is nothing more than a quieting of the mind. It can be done anywhere and for any amount of time. Taking a hike? Spend a few quiet moments on a rock, listening to the sounds of nature. Have a few minutes while your piping-hot café au lait is prepared by an Atlas Coffee barista? Enjoy some deep, cleansing breaths as you wait. Begin each meditation with gratitude for the goodness in your life.

    Get into nature

    Spending time in the great outdoors, whether it’s a stroll down the sidewalk or a jaunt among the trees in nearby Waterton Canyon, provides an automatic reset. The fresh air and open sky naturally foster an environment in which gratitude comes easily. Make time each day to get outside and appreciate all that’s positive in your life.

    Tame your thoughts

    The mind has millions of thoughts every day . . . far more than we can even comprehend. The sum of these thoughts carries great power and can affect your sense of contentment. As you practice gratitude and begin to possess a greater awareness of your thoughts, you’ll more readily detect the negative ones. When these thoughts come, recognize them for what they are and gently redirect your mind. It takes no greater effort to have positive thoughts than it does negative ones, so this worthwhile endeavor can have a major positive impact on your life.

    Make it a family affair

    Dinnertime holds a special place in building strong family connections. Why not incorporate gratitude into this evening ritual? As you sit and eat together, take turns sharing aspects of your day for which you are thankful — the friend at school who helped explain a tricky concept, the neighbor who offered a helping hand or the stranger who handed you the $20 bill you didn’t know you’d dropped. Learning about others’ experiences helps us identify new things in our own lives to be grateful for.

    Embrace gratitude for a life of joy

    Coloradans have so much to be grateful for. We have year-round opportunities for outdoor play, a strong economy and endless scenic beauty that inspires us. Sterling Ranch residents agree — when you live here, life is just sweeter. We welcome you to visit us and see for yourself how being a part of this inclusive community can enhance your life.