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    We are feeling incredible amounts of love from family and Sterling Ranch neighbors alike this Valentine’s Day season and we are humbled by the feeling of joy this has created within our community. Naturally, we want to keep love and kindness flowing year-round, so — in spirit of that — we are excited to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week from February 14 to February 21!

    Random Acts of Kindness Week is an eight-day event that reminds us how small actions can make a big impact — simple gestures like giving thoughtful gifts and offering a helping hand can truly shift us into what we call the “happiness gear.” Here’s a list of simple things you can do to show love and kindness to your friends, family and neighbors — this month and all year long!

    Seven impactful random acts of kindness

    Start with a small act of generosity and watch as kindness ripples through your community.

    1. Give the gift of coffee

    Prepay for a cup of coffee for someone in line behind you or drop off a coffee carrier at your (or someone else’s) office. We’ve seen this work firsthand at our local java joint, Atlas Coffee, and it is a delight for those on the receiving end of the gesture.

    2. Write a letter to a longtime friend

    Imagine getting a handwritten letter in the mail addressed to you — feels great, right? Why not do this for a longtime friend who you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while? We’re sure it will warm his or her heart and maybe you’ll even receive a loving reply.

    3. Surprise your neighbor with a clear driveway

    Nothing gets the heart rate up quite like good ol’ snow shoveling — and ’tis the season! Next time you clear your driveway after a snowstorm, ramp up your workout by continuing on and clearing your neighbor’s walkway and driveway. Something tells us they’ll appreciate the gesture.

    4. Donate books to your local library

    If you’ve been spending extra time at home the last few months, there’s a good chance you’ve read (and reread) some of your favorite novels. Do a good deed and donate a book (or more!) to your local library. This way, the words that have inspired you may also inspire others.

    5. Take a friend’s dog for a walk

    It’s been a busy winter season and your offering to take ANY task off a friend’s plate will likely be more than welcome. Get some fresh air and enjoy a long walk with the dog in the great outdoors . . . all while giving your friend some much-needed peace and quiet.

    6. Teach someone something new

    There’s something truly special about helping a person learn a new skill or guiding him or her to become better at something he or she already knows how to do. Offering your services will undoubtedly feel great and you’ll form a meaningful connection — which is always something to celebrate!

    7. Celebrate with your Sterling Ranch neighbors

    From February 15 through February 19, stop by our local rec center, the Overlook Clubhouse, and write a kind note to be displayed on our “wall of kindness” in the great hall. A positive message that puts a smile on someone’s face is ALWAYS a win and — according to a variety of scientific studies — the smile you help create will pass kindness along to at least two or three more people. As a bonus, we will serve special treats to all who participate!

    Everyday kindness thrives at Sterling Ranch

    At Sterling Ranch, we see acts of kindness passed from neighbor to friend year-round and we feel blessed to live here. Find out what it’s like to be part of this community by visiting us, attending one of our engaging neighborhood events or connecting with us on social media. We hope you experience an uplifting Random Acts of Kindness Week — may love, kindness and joy permeate your life this week and always.