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    Every new year brings a fresh wave of interior design ideas. Take some inspiration from what’s trending in 2019 and imagine how your home can be transformed and renewed!

    The clean lines and minimalist shapes of mid-century modern design have dominated design for several years. Designers are showing signs of bucking that trend in 2019. Dark and moody colors are making their way back into the home, as well as more eclectic furniture, art and decor.

    A desire for warmth, coziness, and a return to nature are some of the ways designers are pushing back against the cold clean lines we’ve become accustomed to. Gray and white aren’t completely out the door, but in many cases they are being tempered by warmer, earthier elements.

    Here are some specific ways the current trends are playing out in three of the home’s most important rooms: kitchen, bathroom, and living room.


    • Teal or emerald islands – The kitchen island is here to stay, for obvious reasons (after all, functionality is the number one purpose of design). This year, look for bold, rich colors to enhance the kitchen island. Teal, emerald green, or vibrant blue are all trending favorites.
    • Bold backsplash – While tile accents have been popular for a while in modern kitchens, a new trend popping up is to take the accent even further. Rather than only tile a small section of the kitchen wall area, such as the space below the oven range, today’s designers are filling out an entire wall with a bold, accented tile. Counter-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, don’t be afraid to make a statement with your backsplash.


    • Moroccan tile floors – The vivid colors and appealing designs of Moroccan-inspired tile have long been a favorite in kitchens and entry areas to the home (foyers, hallways,etc.). This year, look for those designs to extend into the bathroom as well. We love the vibrant pop a bright tile pattern gives to a small bathroom space.
    • Natural wood vanities – Speaking of small spaces, bathrooms can look overly sterile when dominated by metal and ceramic surfaces. A popular way to warm up that space is to include a vanity made out of natural wood. Warm, classic, and inviting, it’s a sure way to cozy up your bathroom.


    Living Room

    • Mix of fabrics – One way to break up the monotony of mid-century conformism is by using a blend of different fabrics in your living room. Let the accent chair be patterned and worn-looking, rather than stiff and sterile. Use throw pillows to soften harsh lines. Choose a rug that is floral and vibrant, rather than geometrical and plain. The growing trend in 2019 is for a space to look inviting, well-used, and comfortable.
    • Velvet – Whatever color you choose, you can’t go wrong with velvet. Lush, rich, and inviting, velvet is making a comeback. Typically, velvet is shown off with jewel-toned colors, but softer hues are also amenable to its inviting luxury. Velvet’s main attraction is that it’s warm and inviting — again, in contrast to the stiffer, colder lines that have dominated interior design in recent years.

    Sterling Ranch is a 21st century community nestled between Chatfield State Park and Roxborough State Park. Gorgeous homes from eight of the country’s top builders provide the perfect setting for your unique style. Quick move-in homes are available now!