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    Imagine a home that works for you: it generates power while you’re at work. It waters the beautiful plants in your landscape — at just the right amount — before you’ve even risen for the day. It notifies you of the leaky pipe at the far reaches of your backyard (the one you might not have otherwise noticed). Smart homes like this do exist — at Sterling Ranch. Every home here from every builder is built with smart technology to help you help the planet.  

    Long-term resource management is at the heart of the major decisions we make at Sterling Ranch — for today’s families and tomorrow’s. From in-home smart technology such as Rachio to solar-panel-ready rooftops — and even the inclusion of electric vehicle chargers in all new and future builds at Sterling Ranch — we make it easy to choose an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Saving money, saving time and saving the planet is a win-win-win that is oh-so rewarding.

    A smart approach to resource management

    You want to live in a place that will be around for your children’s grandchildren, a place where joyful memories are made daily. We get it! Sterling Ranch was designed on this concept, and as we grow, we continue to keep this at the forefront of our decision making. We endeavor to make water-wise choices to conserve this finite resource. We put families in the driver’s seat of their energy consumption — and we empower them with tools to make it simple and rewarding. 

    Let’s explore the environmentally friendly, smart technology that comes standard in every home at Sterling Ranch (because, you know, Mother Earth deserves it).

    Water-wise irrigation control

    Are you the type of person who shuts off the faucet when you brush your teeth? Who follows the mantra, “if it’s yellow, let it mellow”? Have you designed a garden and intentionally grouped plants by their thirstiness, to save water and avoid overwatering drought-tolerant varieties? You are a water conservationist! Others at Sterling Ranch are too. Here we strive for water-wise practices because we understand how precious our water is in the West, and we want to be sure we’re stewards for the environment. 

    Rachio helps families manage their water usage. Every home at Sterling Ranch comes with dual-meter watering equipment, so you can see exactly what’s being used in the house and outside. That’s empowering! Rachio is an innovative irrigation controller that not only monitors (and reports, in real time!) how much water you’re using outside but also automatically adjusts its schedule if it detects inclement weather and alerts you of leaks in the piping. How’s that for smart?

    Solar-ready rooftops

    Want to tap into the power of the sun? Every home at Sterling Ranch is solar-ready. What does this mean? Put simply, it means the home has been designed to ensure a solar photovoltaic (PV) system can be installed if a homeowner wishes — before move-in, or down the road. Roof specifications, electrical considerations, hookups . . . it’s all been taken into account, on your behalf, so that the process is simple if you wish to offset your energy costs using the incredible, renewable power of the sun. 

    Know you want to take advantage of the sun’s rays to power your lifestyle? Homeowners can work with builders to install solar panels during the construction process. If you’re undecided and need to research your options, that’s OK too! Being solar-ready means you can make a decision when the time is right for you and your family.

    Many Coloradans in general, and Sterling Ranch residents in particular, opt for this popular method, as the area is home to many earth-conscious folks. And have we mentioned the amazing climate here? We enjoy 300+ days of sunshine — now that means plentiful solar energy production!

    Sterling Ranch: Embracing a forward-thinking 21st-century attitude

    Our community is one that has paved the way for 21st-century living. We proudly consider Sterling Ranch a unique community and we are committed to leaving a legacy for future generations to enjoy this amazing place. Are you conscientious about the health of the planet and your impact on it? We welcome you to visit us today and explore the authentic, forward-thinking lifestyle possible at Sterling Ranch. Inspiring model homes by world-class builders are open daily.