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    It’s that time of year again: a season for celebrating neighbors! National Good Neighbor Day is September 28. With each passing year, our community at Sterling Ranch grows stronger, and at the root of all this growth lies neighbors who are conscientious to embrace joy and to care for others. It’s an incredible place to live!

    Spotting a pack of youngsters riding bikes, families picnicking at the nearby pocket park, friends walking their dogs on the trails or groups participating in a game of trivia isn’t a rarity around here. Quite the opposite, in fact. Residents of all ages at Sterling Ranch are engaged in community activities and committed to creating strong bonds with one another. As we expand — our first three distinct villages welcome newcomers continually — this focus on strengthening ties in the neighborhood has created a culture of tight-knit relationships among neighbors that makes every day here feel like Good Neighbor Day.

    In their own words

    Enjoying where you live and the people in your community is a primo way to carry out your days. Residents here are happy to express their gratitude for neighbors throughout our thriving Sterling Ranch community:


    “I love my neighbors because I know I can count on them for anything. . . . We lean on each other and support one another.”

    Lauren Deyerling

    Sterling Ranch Resident


    “We love our neighbors because we feel like we’ve known them forever. . . . We feel like we can always reach out to each other if we need something.”

    Jenny Huettl

    Sterling Ranch Resident


    “My favorite amenity is really the people! We moved here before a lot of the amenities existed and the people who are willing to engage in and help develop a community has been really impactful to us.”

    Sam Johnson

    Sterling Ranch Resident

    5 Ideas to be a stellar neighbor

    Being a good neighbor is easy! Here are some ideas to broaden your repertoire:

    1. Hang a porch swing

    When you live in a walkable community with incredible neighbors, being friendly and meeting new people is as simple as sitting on your front porch and connecting with passersby. Make a game of it: each day you sit, make it a challenge to engage with as many unique people as possible. See how high your daily number can grow!

    2. Tag, you’re it

    Has a neighbor made your day in some way? Thank the person with a baked good: banana bread, cookies . . . you name it. A bouquet of flowers or a pound of coffee works well too. Leave a little thank-you note and encourage your awesome neighbor to pass along the good cheer to another deserving neighbor.

    3. Celebrate with superlatives

    A flip through your high school yearbook will get you in the mood for this idea. Remember voting for class superlatives?  Instead of “Class Clown” and “Most Likely to Succeed,” nominate neighbors for categories such as “Best Holiday Decorator,” “Most Likely to Offer a Smile” or  “Most Likely to Pull Trash Cans in Quickly.” Get to know your neighbors house by house as you pass out a survey, or drum up excitement and pass it out at your next block party.

    4. Organize a “Care Club”

    You’ve heard of Neighborhood Watch, right? Well, why not start a neighborhood “Care Club”? Who’s got a baby on the way? An upcoming wedding? Travel plans to Europe? Is there a single parent who could really use a kid-free night? Keep a working list of what people need and what others can offer, such as a home-cooked meal, help letting the dog out midday, watering indoor plants or watching the kiddos for a couple hours. This exchange will naturally create tight bonds between good neighbors.

    5. Puzzle it out

    Sometimes being a good neighbor is as simple as getting to know fellow neighbors and building connections in the community. Find a jigsaw puzzle (perhaps one displaying the gorgeous Rocky Mountains) and spread the word for an all-day come-and-go meetup in which neighbors can pop into the Sterling Center or Overlook Clubhouse to contribute, as a community, to completing the puzzle — and likely meet interesting people and have great conversations along the way.

    Sterling Ranch is a community that recognizes Good Neighbor Day, on September 28 and every day of the year. How will you celebrate?

    Sterling Ranch: Enjoy Good Neighbors Here

    Get to know Sterling Ranch — the Denver-Metro area’s top-selling master-planned community. Here you’ll find inspired sustainable living, breathtaking surroundings and incredible neighbors. Joy is what we wish for all who live here. Ready to make your move? Visit us today and discover Colorado living at its finest.