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    In the 21st century, we’ve come to expect a lot from technology. We rely on it throughout the day to help us stay organized, productive and connected. It helps us live better, more efficient lives. It enhances our quality of life. At Sterling Ranch, we provide residents with the technology they need to enhance their lives (learn more about our efforts in the latest issue of Colorado Builder!). We believe every home should be a smart home and that every family deserves to enjoy the benefits inherent in smart-home ownership. That is why many smart-home features come standard in every home at Sterling Ranch.

    6 Benefits for smart-home owners

    The benefits homeowners enjoy when they live in smart homes are plenty. While Sterling Ranch homes don’t come with all the automations listed in this article from day one, these are all possible to achieve when you move into a Sterling Ranch smart home. Here are some we think are most impactful for enhancing everyday life:


    ​Say goodbye to manually making your coffee in the morning. Never face the burden of getting out of your cozy bed at night to make sure you locked the front door. Delight in a lifestyle in which you no longer have to turn your lights on or off — they just sense when you’re coming and when you’ve gone. Smart devices make automating household tasks a breeze and, when paired with a foundational system such as STEWARD, can add significant convenience to your everyday life.

    Peace of mind

    You’ve just boarded an airplane for a long-overdue, much-deserved vacation when it dawns on you: you didn’t close the garage door. Or you left the AC on at full blast. Or you forgot to leave the porch light on. In a smart home, these concerns are a thing of the past. When you own a smart home, home automation is at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world. With a smartphone or tablet, you can manage your home remotely and get on with living joyfully in the moment.

    Time Savings

    ​Want to save time and live an enhanced lifestyle? A smart home can help you do just that. Automation inherently results in time savings when technology is programmed to complete low-level tasks like setting the thermostat or flipping on the lights. Over time these momentary tasks really add up! What could you do with an extra ten minutes you find in your day by letting your house do the work? Catch up with a friend? Bake banana bread to share with your neighbor? Create an original piece of art? The opportunities are endless when you let your technology do the small stuff.

    Money Savings

    Knowing your real-time energy consumption with a utility monitoring system like STEWARD allows you to be in control of your usage and monthly costs. Why waste precious resources watering the lawn if it’s just rained? A Rachio smart irrigation controller can help prevent this. Or why waste money heating the house to 72 degrees if you’re out of town when that money could be put to better (and more delicious!) use getting a treat at the daily food truck?


    When your home is smart, everyone in the household can stay connected — with friends, family and each other. Whether it’s gaming, Zooming or listening to tunes while you cook dinner, every activity is enhanced when you have the right technology, like one-gig+ fiber optic internet. Work from home? Blazing-fast internet speeds ensure a crystal-clear connection for every meeting, project or presentation.

    Turnkey technology

    An unsung benefit of a smart home at Sterling Ranch is the hassle-free, built-in aspect of buying new. Life-enhancing smart-home technologies come standard in every home here — they are set up and ready for you to enjoy the moment you collect your keys at move in. No need to research the latest gadget, retrofit your HVAC system or haggle with the internet company for faster service — your home is a solar-ready, STEWARD smart-home-automation-supported, fiber-optic-equipped haven from day one, so you can focus on the things that really matter.

    Smart homes for smart living

    How would owning a smart home improve your quality of life? Sterling Ranch is Denver Metro’s top-selling community for a reason — it’s an amazing community that centers on providing the most joyful life possible, for today’s families and future generations. Come take a tour and discover what all the buzz is about here at Sterling Ranch. You’ll be glad you did.