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    Life is more joyful when we live well, when we have and pursue wellness. According to the good folks at William & Mary, a premier research university in Virginia, wellness comes in eight dimensions. Beyond the obvious (physical and emotional/mental) there is also social, financial, occupational, environmental, intellectual and spiritual. In this post we will focus on five dimensions of wellness and explore how families who live in Sterling Ranch benefit from them every day.


    Wellness (noun): the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal

    - Merriam-Webster

    Five sides of wellness

    Those at William & Mary “believe wellness is conscious, self-directed and evolving; holistic and multidimensional; positive and affirming; and inclusive” and that “all dimensions of wellness need our attention for us to truly flourish.” We completely agree. Read on to see how we endeavor to enhance residents’ whole-life wellness at Sterling Ranch.


    Colorado is an adventurer’s paradise — there is no shortage of activities here that help people enjoy a lifestyle of physical wellness year-round. At Sterling Ranch there are loads of opportunities to stay fit:


    William & Mary researchers suggest that emotional wellness is exhibited through a positive attitude and satisfying relationships. Our dedicated lifestyle director, Kelsey Stiltner, leads the way in our community by coordinating activities that foster relationships among Sterling Ranch residents. 


    Did you know a regular occurrence on the Sterling Ranch event calendar is Active Minds programming? This monthly meeting is for lifelong learners to come together and expand their knowledge of the world (its places and people and history). For the younger crowd, on-site storytime, led by the wonderful people at Douglas County Libraries, exposes children to a world beyond their homes.


    Stewardship is a guiding principle at Sterling Ranch, and the foundational decisions we make here are predicated on how we impact the environment. With each choice, we consider its sustainability, which has led us to provide some incredibly unique perks for families that call our community home:


    The social dimension of wellness comprises connection and a sense of belonging. At Sterling Ranch, there is Always. Something. To. Do. — making it easy to stay involved and connect with others. From trivia nights and parades to block parties, Rockies outings and food truck dinners with friends and neighbors, residents here know how to socialize. They care for one another and genuinely enjoy spending time gathered as community.

    Interested in learning more about the eight dimensions of wellness? Check out William & Mary’s comprehensive breakdown here.

    Sterling Ranch: Providing wellness opportunities daily

    Sterling Ranch is a unique community where conscientious residents actively create a tight-knit atmosphere and seek a lifestyle of wellness. Are you ready to be a part of a welcoming community located in the nation’s second-healthiest county? We invite you to visit us today and be inspired.