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    Our love letter to water

    At Sterling Ranch, love is always in the air and if there’s one thing we love with all of our hearts it’s water. We are a conscientious community dedicated to stewarding our environment, and we’ve taken many steps to take water resource management to new heights, with more to come.

    This time of year, when people are finding ways to show love and gratitude to each other, we’re expressing our gratitude for our most vital resource, water. Join us in declaring loud and proud… water, we LOVE you!

    “If there’s magic on this planet, it is contained in water” – Loren Eisele

    Dear Water… How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

    You’re the reason we have food on our tables and flowers blooming all around. You give us all the essentials, such as cheese, beer, and wine. 🙂 You are the vast ocean in which we explore… a calm lake we admire from ashore. You’re the rain our kids run outside to dance in. You’re the nourishing, refreshing, hydration we all require and crave.

    We long to live close to you, and those who don’t, work hard to bring you to them so that they can live their lives, build their homes, feed their children, and so much more. Many of us have taken you for granted, yet you keep on giving and you gently (and sometimes, not so gently) guide us to be better. We are in complete awe of you and the way you nourish and inspire us. You have given us life. You heal us from the inside out. Without you, we wouldn’t exist and for that, we are forever thankful.

    “You never step into the same river twice” – Old Proverb

    When we stop and observe your behavior — your movement in nature — we marvel at your flexibility, persistence, strength, and all the ways that you teach us about our own impermanence — the ebb and flow of life. So, we give an extra long hug to a family member, we smile at our neighbor, we remember to take a deep breath for ourselves on a tough day. In many ways, we have you to thank for these unique moments of connection — they are our windows into the best of humanity.

    With these moments in mind, we promise to dedicate our lives to taking care of you, and showing you love in all the ways we know how. We promise to keep you healthy and abundant so that our children can enjoy you and learn from you in the same way we have.

    From the bottom of our hearts, we love you and we are so grateful to have you in our lives!

    “The earth, the air, the land, and the water are not an inheritance from our forefathers but on loan from our children. So, we have to hand it over to them at least as it was handed over to us.” – Gandhi

    Sterling Ranch is a community in Southwest Metro-Denver unlike any other. Around here, we’re fostering an inspired culture of stewardship and sustainability of our natural resources. We are piloting a number of water wise projects and our residents are chiming in and doing their part at home. With a variety of quick move-in homes from award-winning builders, you can join us and live in a place that boasts natural beauty, honors it, and makes sure we get to enjoy it for generations to come.