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    Heard of Murphy’s law? “Anything that can go wrong, will.” Though this may be a pessimistic outlook, it also bolsters the idea that a proactive approach to life (health, homeownership, relationships, etc.) yields a smoother path. With consistent attention to one’s health and wellness and possessions (think home, cars, tools, tech devices), everyday life tends to be easier — resulting in fewer unexpected (and sometimes costly) issues. 

    It’s time to kick Murphy to the curb. Here are some tips to help you practice proactivity:

    Focus on what matters most: health and wellness

    We believe Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus said it best: “prevention is better than cure.” At Sterling Ranch, wellness is one of our guiding values. Our forward-thinking community was designed with wellness in mind, to help residents live their most joyful lives. Here’s a snapshot of how we support residents to attain whole-body wellness and pursue lives well lived:

    • Mind: Engaging events such as Active Minds and storytime are offered regularly to help keep residents’ brains stimulated and sharp.
    • Body: From our prime location for outdoor recreation (interested in the great outdoors, anyone?) to our state-of-the-art recreation center and participation in events like Tough Mudder, opportunities to stay physically fit and healthy abound at Sterling Ranch.
    • Spirit: We’re blessed to have a dedicated community lifestyle director, Kelsey Stiltner, right here in the neighborhood. Our event calendar, coordinated by Kelsey, is chock-full of inclusive, enriching activities for families and individuals of all ages, with a focus of bringing joy and building community at Sterling Ranch.

    Protect your investment: home maintenance

    When it comes to protecting your investment (and your savings account), a home warranty is a wise way to hedge the cost of big-ticket items. Additionally, keeping up with regular maintenance, particularly in the winter months, pays dividends. Home maintenance is simple when you have a plan and stay proactive.


    Check out this basic checklist for interior home maintenance:

    • Test the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors monthly; replace with fresh batteries at least once a year
    • Swap out air filters in ceiling vents; the recommendation is once every one to three months for one-inch filters
    • Schedule a yearly inspection of the air-conditioning system and furnace
    • Flush out the hot water heater at least annually to prevent sediment buildup

    *Bonus proactivity tip: add the above as recurring events to your calendar to ensure they are done on the recommended schedules.


    Check out this basic checklist for exterior home maintenance and landscaping:

    • Inspect the roof for loose or missing shingles
    • Clear out gutters and ensure downspouts are free of debris
    • Regularly pull weeds from garden beds and grassy areas
    • Clean gardening tools after use, particularly at the season’s end


    Join the club: connections and community

    Heard the saying “it takes a village”? Life can bring unexpected curveballs, but the impact is softened when you have a network of friends, family and neighbors on whom you can rely to help you through.

    • Need a last-minute babysitter? Call on a connection down the street (and offer to return the favor!).
    • In the throes of cooking dinner and realize you’re short twos eggs? Reach out to a neighbor for the ingredients.
    • Did your plans fall through and you’re looking for a fun backup plan? Check the community event calendar to see what’s on the day’s agenda, or send out a message to see if anyone in the community is interested in a hike on the internal trails.

    Sterling Ranch: a place to live your best life

    By design, Sterling Ranch is a community where wellness and proactivity are supported at every level. Residents take pride in homeownership and play an important role in cultivating the unique, close-knit culture we enjoy here. Are you ready to be a part of such a community? We invite you to visit us today — come explore our model homes to get inspired and see for yourself what makes Sterling Ranch so special.