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    Do you love to get out on the trails? Enjoy the spectacular state parks in Colorado? As the weather warms and families increasingly find themselves in the great outdoors, now is an ideal time for a refresher on staying safe while recreating, near Sterling Ranch and throughout the state of Colorado. 

    From walking the community trails and exploring the nearby state parks — boating at Chatfield or hiking at Roxborough — to the endless recreation of the high country, Colorado is an adventurer’s paradise. To fully enjoy it, you must stay safe! Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

    Be proactive

    A little preparation goes a long way in staying safe in the great outdoors. Follow these best practices to ensure your outing is a fun one: 

    • Make sure someone knows your whereabouts and how long you expect to be out. 
    • Sign in at trailheads, if applicable.
    • Know your course and have a map.
    • Be aware of how to behave in the off-chance you encounter wildlife (snakes, bears, big cats . . . they each have a unique protocol). 

    Protect your body

    Wellness is a top priority for residents at Sterling Ranch. Check out these basics to ensure your body is protected:

    • Always wear sunscreen and have a hat at the ready.
    • Summers are hot and dry in Colorado — travel with plenty of water and snacks (more than you think you’ll need!).
    • Pack layers to handle whatever the weather may bring: at a minimum carry along a rain jacket, a base layer and a light pullover. (A pullover in summer? The sun is intense, but when it’s down or even just behind a cloud, it can get chilly!)
    • Wear pants and long sleeves when able so as to minimize the occurrence of bug bites and ticks.

    Watch for wildlife

    At Sterling Ranch we value living in harmony with nature and the living creatures that call this place home. For the safety of all, we encourage smart, respectful behavior when it comes to wildlife:

    • Do not feed wildlife.
    • Stay on trails and keep your eyes peeled for snakes sunning themselves.
    • Keep dogs on leash, for their safety and others.
    • Check for ticks after every outing, particularly if your adventure takes you in the woods or among tall grasses.
    • Steer clear of prairie dogs, which attract snakes and may carry fleas.
    • Stay alert for large wildlife and keep your distance from migrating wildlife such as elk.
    • Rattlesnake bites are rare, but they do happen. If you or someone in your party is bitten, call 911 and get to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible — time is of the essence.

    Stay safe and enjoy an authentic Colorado lifestyle

    At Sterling Ranch, we encourage residents to live their best lives and to find joy in all they do. For many Coloradans, that means playing in the great outdoors. This is one reason why we provide every home in Sterling Ranch with a state parks pass*: we want people to enjoy all there is to do here and to love where they live — all while being safe. We invite you to visit us and check out our unique community to discover what makes Sterling Ranch such a special place to call home.