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    Did you know September is Friendship Month? To celebrate, we are highlighting some incredible Sterling Ranch residents who’ve forged meaningful friendships while living here.

    Meet the Chourys, Whitehairs, Baldwins, Ambroses and Kellers. All are part of a tight-knit neighborhood friend group living and hanging out in the “four corners” — a place where the backyards of four homes connect, a place welcoming of friends and neighbors alike. Brandon Ambrose boasts, “Some of our neighbors we now consider our closest friends and the bond has only grown stronger over the years.”

    Friendships built on community values

    Gratitude and family are the values driving these deep Sterling Ranch friendships. They happen to be our community values too.


    The Chourys are especially grateful for the sense of community they have fostered alongside their neighbors. “The amount of support and care that we all have for each other has brought so much joy and light to our lives that words cannot describe. We are so thankful for the relationships we have built and the ones that continue to grow,” Jamison Choury shared.


    As a busy mom, Aubree Keller needs family — a “village of support” — and she has certainly found that at Sterling Ranch. “When I really needed a moment to breathe, two of my girlfriends here just whisked away my daughters to give them a snack and let them play. I didn’t even have to ask. That was a moment that solidified what I already knew to be true — I’ve made such meaningful friendships with people here who really support me and my family.”

    Facing life’s joys (and hardships), together

    Many Sterling Ranch residents have come a long way since greeting each other on move-in day.

    A day in the life: the “four corners”

    Families in the “four corners” crew rely on one another for fun weekends and outings: they often get the kids together, host barbecues, grab beers at Grist Brewing Company and plan an occasional murder mystery party. They also attend many of Sterling Ranch’s community events, drink wine together and relax on the water at Chatfield Reservoir. They even relived one of life’s rites of passage and held an adult prom — complete with all the excitement yet none of the anxiety of a real high school prom. What a blast!

    There for each other during tough times

    Sterling Ranch friends help each other through life’s tough moments too:

    The Whitehairs encountered a great challenge when one of their kiddos was born with unexpected health issues. Thankfully, their friends were there for them. “The support that our neighbors showed meant the world to us. They dropped off dinners and an amazing gift basket, and offered support and a listening ear through the most difficult time in our life,” Molly Whitehair recalled.

    With her husband away for work, Kerrie Maas-Baldwin was home alone with four small children when a blizzard — 2019’s “bomb cyclone” — hit and the home’s heat and electricity went out. Of course, her neighbors were in her corner. “Our community came together, sharing information about how to get the gas fireplace started using batteries, sharing batteries and other supplies if needed, and getting out information about when to expect the electricity to be back on. It was the first time that I felt like this was our home and the right place for our family to be,” Kerrie said.

    When the Ambroses had a baby, they were in the hospital for a long, unexpected week. “Our neighbors didn’t hesitate to keep an eye on our house and take care of our pets. We were tremendously grateful for the help and wouldn’t hesitate for a second to return the favor,” Ashley and Brandon recalled.

    Happy Friendship Month from Sterling Ranch!

    At Sterling Ranch, we are building a community full of meaningful friendships and loving neighbors, such as those in the “four corners” crew. We invite you to join us and form a crew of your own! Visit us or contact us today — we’ll help you find your dream home so you too can become part of our unique community.