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    National Good Neighbor Day is beloved around here. Why? Because it honors community, family and friends — all the things we like to celebrate on a daily basis. This year we decided to make the celebration virtual so that our community’s incredible residents could pay tribute to their neighborhood and each other in a big way. And boy, did they deliver!

    In their own words

    Here’s a sampling of heartfelt entries we received:

    Shown above is Sabrina Carlson and her group of neighborhood friends who love playing volleyball together.

    “We love our neighbors because they are thoughtful, caring and kind. They always ask how we’re doing and if they can help out in any way. Last, but definitely not least, they’re fun!!!” — Ruth and Ron Holm
    “We love our neighbors because they make our house truly feel like home. We have never lived in a community where we can call a neighbor at the drop of a hat for a play date, an errand, a can of soup, medicine for a sick kid, or advice. . . until we were lucky enough to move to Sterling Ranch. Our neighbors are the best part of living here and we are grateful every day for the friendships we have built!” — The Valentin Family

    From Lauren Deyerling shown above “I love my neighbors because I know I can count on them for anything — from something as simple as borrowing an ingredient so I don’t have to run to the store to theme parties and even spending holidays together. They offer to watch my kids on a whim with no questions asked. We lean on each other and support one another. We feel we hit the lottery with our neighbors who have become close friends!”

    “I love our neighbors because we have a lot of fun together and our kids will grow up being best friends!” — Kathy Schultz
    “I love this neighborhood for multiple reasons: its beautiful location near the mountains, its awesome amenities (Atlas, Grist, food trucks, healthcare access, walking trails, etc) and our neighbors! Billy and Kirstin live next door and they have been amazing neighbors! They watch our dog when we are out of town and are always up for a drink once the kids are in bed. We can always count on them. We are super blessed to live here with amazing people!” — Amy Mantelli

    “We love our neighbors because we feel like we’ve known them forever. Our kids play together, we have fun get-togethers like neighborhood movie nights, block parties, murder mystery nights, Sunday pedicures, game nights, birthday parties and so much more. We feel like we can always reach out to each other if we need something.” — Jenny Huettl

    “While sitting on our back porch or working in the flower garden, we’ve had the good fortune of meeting some wonderful neighbors this summer as they stroll along past us. There is one neighbor in particular we’ve gotten to know pretty well over the past few months.

    Many may not know his name but perhaps have seen Chris singing and playing his guitar in his front yard. As he has told us, he gains inspiration as he looks west to our beautiful mountains. Chris Mench is a joy to listen to and on some days, especially when there is a breeze, Chris’ voice travels down the street where Ed and I can hear him.

    It’s not just his playing music that makes Chris such a great neighbor and friend. We so enjoy our conversations with him and his wife Rene’; we look forward to seeing them each time they walk up the street and stop to chat, even if for only a few minutes!

    Chris and his wife are one of the brightest reasons Ed and I love living at Sterling Ranch!!”
    — Ed and Kathy Barnes

    From Astrida and Blake White, shown above with their neighbors. “We moved to Sterling Ranch in 2017 and it has been an amazing experience from the start. Even before moving into our new home, we began to feel a sense of community. We met our new neighbors as we began exploring our new build sites. We all moved in around the same time and over the years, we have continually spent time at Chatfield State Park, Happy Dog Ranch, attended groundbreaking ceremonies, played BINGO, attended many other events at the Sterling Center, had MANY block parties, gone to concerts together, and even putt putt golfing. We have never experienced a community like this before and we are incredibly thankful for what Sterling Ranch has done for us. This truly is the best community around with great people moving in all the time.”

    Every day is National Good Neighbor Day at Sterling Ranch

    We couldn’t have said it better ourselves — what an outpouring of kindness and appreciation between neighbors and friends. At Sterling Ranch, residents truly celebrate each other on a daily basis. From watching one another’s kiddos to clearing neighborhood snow and attending community events together, neighbors are quick to call each other family — and family is what Sterling Ranch is all about.

    Want to join our growing community and be part of the Good Neighbor celebrations all year long? Ascent Village, our second neighborhood, is growing now. Visit us today and start your journey toward becoming a member of the coveted Sterling Ranch community.