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    At Sterling Ranch, our residents show up and shine brightly for each other on a daily basis. They share smiles when standing in line to get their morning java, they offer helping hands to de-ice a snowy driveway, and they babysit the rowdy boys next door. Fortunately, this natural expression of love and care extends beyond human relationships; residents also prioritize nurturing their alliance with the environment, taking care of our land and preserving our resources so that future generations may enjoy the same breathtaking beauty of this world just as they have.

    Sterling Ranch resident Jeanette Reynolds and her husband, Michael, embody this mission — making conscientious choices to preserve our resources is in their nature, part of their DNA. We are honored that they are a part of our community, and we look to their example as we educate residents and future homebuyers about the stewardship opportunities offered here.

    A labor of love

    Jeanette’s a kind woman in her approach with others; she’s cheerful, caring, and honest. She’s always had an inkling to help minimize the footprint we — humans — have on this planet. Even when she was a girl, she would get irritated seeing tops of pop cans (remember those?) on the ground. In her world, littering was not an option.

    While her husband worked (and still works) as an engineer, Jeanette was a full-time caretaker to their daughter, who had severe disabilities, and their son, who swam competitively and is now studying Mechanical Engineering. Raising her kiddos and taking care of her household in an environmentally conscious way was truly a labor of love for her.

    Finding a perfect home in a perfect place

    No stranger to environmental stewardship, Jeanette was excited to find a community that shares her strong sensibilities about Earth’s preservation. When checking out Sterling Ranch, Jeanette didn’t think she was ready to move homes for another few years. However, she and her husband experienced instant buy-in of the Sterling Ranch vision and what the community has to offer. Ultimately, they decided to purchase right away. It was love at first sight for the CalAtlantic Lennar home they bought, which featured the perfect floor plan for all their needs. So, in 2017, Jeanette, Michael, and their daughter (their son was off at college) became the 23rd family to move to Sterling Ranch.

    They quickly got involved in the many activities that Sterling Ranch has to offer, all while experiencing the community coming to life in front of their eyes. “My daughter and I used to go for daily walks around the community and we watched the Sterling Center go up,” Jeanette says. “This place is really growing and we are glad we’ve put down our roots here.”

    Pioneering rainwater harvesting, solar panel use, and electric cars

    Before moving to Sterling Ranch, Jeanette and her family were already taking part in rainwater harvesting. They had invested in solar panels and drove electric cars. By moving here, they made a conscious choice to live in a community that supports their lifestyle.

    Why is this so important to them? “You want something left for your children and your grandchildren. You want them to live in the same clean air and clean water environment that you have,” Jeanette explains.

    So how does someone make the transition to living a cleaner, more environmentally conscious life? Jeanette suggests starting with things that are financially feasible. By implementing STEWARD, a smart-home automation assistant that comes standard with every home, families can see what their habits are in terms of water and energy usage. Adjusting their habits based on what they learn, homeowners can easily save money on their bills while conserving water and energy at the same time. “It’s a no-brainer!” she exclaims.

    Jeanette also uses STEWARD to monitor her home’s solar generation. In fact, she will only charge her car during the day when it’s really sunny and when she can see she is not pulling anything from the grid — she’s just using power generated from her solar panels. On the rare occasion sunshine isn’t in the forecast, she charges her vehicle at night when electricity is more affordable.

    Jeanette recommends that residents take the time to research rain barrels and solar panels. “People will find that although it is an investment upfront, the technology has advanced enough to a point where you at least break even and sometimes save some money in the long run. And you’re doing something good for the world. It’s a win-win, really.”

    For good reason, the Reynolds have become the go-to environmental resource in the Sterling Ranch community, answering neighbors’ questions about the rain barrels in their backyard and the solar panels on their roof.

    A little effort goes a long way

    Every choice we make matters. Jeanette agrees — changing habits and implementing new practices into your daily life may take a few weeks, but it can make a lifetime of difference.

    She adds, “It’s easier than you think — make it a priority and then it becomes a simple part of your day. We don’t feel like we’re missing out on any of life’s comforts — we heat and cool our home, we have a refrigerator. . . . We have everything we need and we aren’t denying ourselves anything by being a little more conscientious.”

    Family values

    Jeanette’s son, Cal, is graduating this spring and is planning on buying a house in the soon-to-come Ascent Village. He’ll simultaneously be starting his job at Lockheed Martin. Like his parents, he’s extremely passionate about preserving the environment and he’s excited to be part of the innovations taking place in Sterling Ranch. In fact, Cal’s already started begging the founders for a wind turbine on his future property. We’re not quite there yet, but it’s forward thinking like this that pushes our community to continually reach for the most environmentally conscious practices available.

    The Reynolds’ daughter, Madison, recently passed away, and Jeanette has since taken a job at Sterling Ranch helping introduce our community to potential homebuyers. “Diane (one of the founders) has found a place for me!” We couldn’t be more excited to have someone like her — with a story so intimately woven into ours — sharing our vision.

    It may sound cheesy, but it’s true — when you live here, you become part of our extended family, and together we support each other and work to preserve the beautiful land that surrounds us . . . one “little effort” at a time.

    Sterling Ranch is located about 40 minutes from Downtown Denver, Colorado. Nestled between two state parks, we are lucky to be surrounded by natural beauty, which we absolutely appreciate and never take for granted. To help preserve the environment, every home comes equipped with a dual water meter and a smart-home utility monitoring system. Our residents proudly take part in our sustainability efforts. Ready to join our environmentally conscious community? Contact us today. With over 70 floor plans and growing, you can become part of this special community in no time.