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    There’s something special about driving home when you live in a master-planned community. Before you pull up to the driveway and lay eyes on your beautiful house — the one that exudes your style and causes pride to swell in your chest — you must first pass other brand-new homes and other homeowners who enjoy the same drive, the same surroundings, the same incredible lifestyle. It’s a clean place, a safe place, an inspiring place.

    This is the atmosphere at Sterling Ranch. Kids are laughing as they swing in the pocket park. Dogs strut beside their owners on gravel trails flanked by wildflowers. Friends are catching up over drinks at the community watering hole. It’s easy to see why so many families choose this joyful spot to build their futures. Residents here value the advantages of calling our unique master-planned community home — and they love where they live.

    Advantages of master-planned communities

    Buying a brand-new home in a thriving master-planned community is a promising proposition. The advantages surpass those of traditional neighborhoods, and they continue to evolve with the times. Here are a few of the top reasons to buy in a master-planned community:

    Strong resale value

    When you buy a new home, you’re investing in your future — so choose wisely! Strong resale potential is a major perk of buying in a master-planned community. And homeowners know this. Sure, when the housing market is hot, brand-new homes in these communities are desirable. But a whopping 95% of respondents in a New Homes Trends Institute survey stated that they expect homes in such communities will hold their value regardless of the temperature of the housing market — even in a downturn. Now that’s a real prize.

    Life-enhancing amenities

    Master-planned communities have evolved in recent years to meet residents’ expectations. Sterling Ranch is proudly setting the standard for 21st-century living and exceeding residents’ expectations. Homeowners here enjoy a plethora of amenities that enhance daily life and bring joy at every turn. Here,
    • Places to play are plentiful, from the Overlook Clubhouse recreation center to the Sterling Center and its weekly game lineup.
    • Opportunities to gather are planned by our dedicated lifestyle director but also come together organically through relationships cultivated between neighbors, such as the Ladies’ Farkle Club and the “Scooter Gang.”
    • Activities for all year-round — range from outdoor concerts and movies in the park to dance classes, parades and family campouts.
    • Conveniences within walking distance, such as health care, dining, banking and education, make daily life a joy.
    • The great outdoors just beyond your doorstep — pocket parks, trails, state parks and open space — offers limitless recreation and wellness opportunities for residents throughout the year.
    • Blazing-fast connections through multi-gig fiber Internet, with copious bandwidth for everyone in the house to work, play and stream as they wish, keeps residents on the cutting-edge of technology.

    Quality control

    Have you heard of a homeowners’ association (HOA)? Of course you have! At Sterling Ranch, we do things a little differently, but the result is the same. Our Community Authority Board (CAB) exists to ensure your home and our neighborhood is the ideal place to build your future. CAB is responsible for keeping our streets well lit, our shared driveways and alleyways maintained and our individual and collective water usage at a wise, sustainable level. It oversees the beautification of public spaces and gardens, and it sets guidelines and conducts design reviews to make sure standards are followed that will enhance the aesthetic quality of our community.

    Invest in your future at Sterling Ranch

    Have you been considering a move in the new year? A fresh start for your future? We’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for at Sterling Ranch. Our authentically Colorado community provides a space for families to live their best lives. Visit us today and discover the advantages of investing in your future at Sterling Ranch.