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    Water is essential for human survival and plays a major role in the health and safety of our community. As our world faces the novel coronavirus pandemic — a global health crisis that has caused many to lose access to safe drinking and hand-washing water — we are grateful for the work our founders have done to bring quality water to Sterling Ranch, sustainably.

    Sterling Ranch shares wise water management practices with the Colorado community

    Before social distancing became our new normal, we participated in two events focused on sustainability and wise water management: Rocky Mountain PBS’ “Water Week”, and the Western Places | Western Spaces Conference. 

    Harold Smethills, one of our founders, had shared his experience of working with lawmakers and engineers to implement wise water management in the building of Sterling Ranch. Our community stands as an example other communities can learn from to create better water solutions for all. 

    Read on to learn more about the events.

    Sterling Ranch hosted a Rocky Mountain PBS “Water Week” event

    On February 27th, 2020, we hosted the Colorado Experience: Western Water — and Power movie screening. This event was part of Rocky Mountain PBS’ Water Week, which featured unique, historical and informational programming along with digital resources, and events in communities across Colorado designed to connect experts, environmentalists and businesses to all who see water as an essential part of Colorado’s past and its future. 

    The event was very well attended and along with the screening, guests enjoyed mingling, beer tastings and coffee from our very own Grist Brewing Company and Atlas Coffee. Seasoned Swine provided amazing BBQ sandwiches for everyone. The event spurred a number of pertinent conversations about wise water management — including a speech from Harold Smethills, Chairman of Sterling Ranch Development Company and a wise water management and sustainability advocate. A fun, educational time was had by all, and most importantly, PBS Water Week helped to create more awareness around this important topic we hold near and dear to our hearts.

    Harold Smethills, Sterling Ranch co-founder speaks at the Western Places | Western Spaces Conference

    This year’s Western Places | Western Spaces Conference was held at the University of Denver on March 5th and 6th. Key topics included best practices to prepare our communities for population growth, water scarcity and hotter weather. Discussions and panels examined subjects such as gentrification, water and land use planning, energy planning, and transportation. 

    Harold Smethills was honored to be one of the panelists. He engaged in meaningful conversations with other water leaders about what it would take to make water-wise-development practices standard in Colorado. The panelists shared their journeys of creating such practices in Douglas County — specifically at Sterling Ranch. The audience was comprised of law students, lawmakers and sustainable water enthusiasts interested in greater water sustainability in Colorado. 

    In light of all that is going on in the world today, we’re especially thankful for the work our founders have done (and continue to do) to bring renewable water to Sterling Ranch. Check out our water sustainability page to learn about how we  practice wise water management at Sterling Ranch, and empower our residents to use less water through dual-water metering in every home, rainwater harvesting, Rachio Smart Irrigation Controllers and more.

    Sterling Ranch was built with water sustainability as a cornerstone. Our residents are passionate about managing this precious resource well for today and future generations. Through innovative technologies, sustainable water practices are commonplace around here. Check out the variety of quick move-in homes available from our award-winning home builders, and contact us today to start your home buying journey.