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Siemens Innovative Partnership with Sterling Ranch

The Siemens and Sterling Ranch partnership takes technology and sustainability to new heights.

Our cutting-edge partnership with global technology leader Siemens has birthed a one-of-a-kind technology foundation to support our sustainability goals — and our residents’ needs — now, and well into the future. The smart infrastructure that came from this partnership provides our residents with the most up-to-date technologies, including smart home automation, one-gig+ fiber Internet  and trailblazing neighborhood safety features. Siemens paves the way for modern sustainability — a perfect fit with the Sterling Ranch vision. Together, we are defining what it means to be a 21st century community.

A One-of-a-kind Partnership

Thanks to Siemens, Sterling Ranch homes boast access to real-time utility data, future-proof Internet fiber, as well as state-of-the-art safety and security features. Local businesses are able to take advantage of these cutting-edge technologies to provide impeccable service to their customers. Watch this video and learn more about our partnership. 

Innovative Smart-Home Technology Supports Sterling Ranch Residents

As work-from-home and online-learning become more prevalent, quick connectivity is not only valuable but necessary. Get inspired by our resident stories of taking their work, school, and play online and learn how our partnership with Siemens is instrumental in supporting them.

New Smart Home and Community

As a new family on the block, the Shermans moved to Sterling Ranch at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to their home’s immediate state-of-the-art broadband access and the Colorado-perfect outdoor trails nearby, they haven’t skipped a beat. They’ve been able to work remotely, take breaks in nature, keep in touch with family and friends, and connect to their new community through virtual and safe in-person events. Check out the rest of their story. 

At Home School Confidence

As a Sterling Ranch resident, student and gamer, Connor Calme is able to take online tests and watch lectures without interruption from the comfort of his home. Great connectivity powers his success at school and enhances many aspects of his social life as he plays games, watches movies and enjoys video calls with family and friends. Here’s what Connor has to say about the “new normal”.

A Smooth Transition

New to the neighborhood, the Shermans had to adapt to stay-at-home regulations quickly. This included having to set up four remote work stations in their Sterling Ranch home. It was a smooth transition for all — the kids were able to excel in their school work while mom and dad successfully continued their hefty job responsibilities. Here’s how they did it all.

Confidence in the Reliability

A software salesman, Tyson Hellmich had to rely on the blazing-fast fiberoptic Internet of his Sterling Ranch home when he started to work remotely. He was one of the few on his work team who wasn’t borrowing bandwidth or competing for Wi-Fi. Learn more about how Siemens and Sterling Ranch are working together to help Tyson become more successful in his work and home life.

Our Cutting-Edge Partnership is a model for sustainable, smart-city development

Sterling Ranch is truly a model for smart-city, sustainable development in the 21st Century. Our 20-year partnership with Siemens ensures constant innovation — only the most relevant and world-class smart technology will be employed for our residents. Head over to the Siemens website to learn more about our cutting-edge partnership.

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