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    Welcome to Internet Bandwidth Bliss

    Connect with each other and the world around you — FAST — with 1-gig+ fiber Internet

    Today’s lifestyles require fast, reliable Internet for both work and play. Nearly every human nowadays has a device constantly connected to the world wide web, and when the whole family is streaming, uploading and downloading simultaneously, it can become a frustrating competition for bandwidth.

    At Sterling Ranch, those dreadful, dragging download times are nonexistent thanks to the 1-gig+ fiber Internet from Quantum Fiber supplied to every home. Even when you’re working from home, conducting an important meeting via video conference, and every kid in your household is streaming Netflix, you will still experience blazing-fast connection speeds.

    Full Speed Ahead

    Fiber Internet is the way of the future, and we’ve prepared for it. Coming in summer 2023, 3-gig and 8-gig speeds will be available in certain areas and will be community-wide by the end of 2024. As faster Internet speeds become available — from 10- to 20-gig and beyond — our fiber-optic network can handle it. DSL and cable Internet providers can’t make that same promise.

    Smart City. Smart Homes.

    Learn all about our smart community amenities and how our leading-edge, smart-home technologies and sustainability practices are making lives easier — and better — while minimizing the impact on our cherished planet.


    Your all-access pass to the cloud starts underground.

    Every glorious gigabit delivered to Sterling Ranch homeowners comes courtesy of an underground fiber-optic network designed by technology powerhouses IBM, Siemens, and Corning. This robust network — which we own — serves as the backbone of our community’s Internet infrastructure.

    Owning the fiber network has allowed us to give every home more dedicated bandwidth on its gigabit service. And with loads of dark — currently unused — fiber, we’re set up to accommodate additional services as new technologies become available. Both of these intentionally planned assets prepare us for the future, so as technology continues to evolve, we’re empowered to expand.


    “Technology is evolving and so is Quantum Fiber as we tap into the power of our fiber network to give communities more bandwidth to excel at work, play and online life. Quantum Fiber is . . . increasing gigabit speeds to fuel consumer and small business broadband connections — and it’s just the beginning. We’re investing in technology and internet speeds that will continue to push families and businesses into the future.”

    Andrew Dugan

    COO, Lumiere Technologies, Chief Technology Officer, Quantum Fiber, Sterling Ranch’s Internet Partner


    “Working from home, I do need to have access to the Internet and be able to have high speeds. So, having that ultimately coming with the house was really appealing. . . . The fiber Internet has been one of the most important things to us — not just for work, but also — for everything in our home. We have to have high speeds to be able to have our TV on in multiple rooms, have people on the wifi when they’re over, etc.”

    Sarah Garner

    Sterling Ranch resident


    Fun fiber facts

    With Gigabit Fiber Internet, you can:

    • Download and upload data much faster than the average Internet speed in the U.S.
    • Enjoy increased reliability vs. cable and DSL Internet
    • Download any full-length HD or 4K movie in a matter of seconds
    • Stream your favorite movies and shows on multiple devices simultaneously, without buffering
    • Connect an array of smart-home devices for added convenience and home automation
    • Work from home with confidence

    Move in. Activate. Connect.

    We know you’ve got better things to do than sit around and wait for a tech installer. That’s why every new home at Sterling Ranch is already fired up with fiber Internet and a whole-home mesh wifi system. Simply move in and, within minutes, activate your service with Quantum Fiber to connect to the fastest residential Internet speeds currently available.

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    If you’ve never been to Sterling Ranch, you may be shocked at the feeling of connection you experience when perusing the natural surroundings, browsing for your dream home, or meeting our Community Ambassadors and your future neighbors. At Sterling Ranch, we are intentionally creating a community where joy resides. Stop by for a visit to find your new home.