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    Wise Water Management at Sterling Ranch

    Sterling Ranch conserves water with smart irrigation controllers and dual-water metering

    Water is a limited resource in the state of Colorado and our world. Managing it well to ensure we have enough for our current and future needs couldn’t be more important. Wise water management underscores sustainability goals, and that philosophy is coveted at Sterling Ranch like nowhere else.

    As a conscientious community dedicated to stewarding our natural resources, we’ve taken water resource management to new levels. We empower residents to monitor their indoor/outdoor water usage by providing dual-water metering equipment and a smart irrigation controller named Rachio with every home. We’ve also partnered with Denver Botanic Gardens to create water-wise landscaping guidelines for every common area and every home, ensuring we all do our part in conserving our most precious resource, water.

    The importance of wise water management for today and our future cannot be overstated. Join our culture of stewardship that ensures our residents will never experience a shortage of water. Learn more about our water sustainability programs and water-wise development innovation.

    Smart City. Smart Homes.

    Learn all about our smart community amenities and how our leading-edge, smart-home technologies and sustainability practices are making lives easier — and better — while minimizing the impact on our cherished planet.


    Take the guesswork out of watering your lawn with the Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller.

    It’s fair to say we all want to play a part in conserving water, not only for the environment but for our pocketbooks as well. Maybe you’ve received an astronomical water bill, even though it just rained for a week straight. Or maybe you’ve heard about droughts and water shortages on the news and want to do all you can to conserve and manage your water usage. Wise water management is near and dear to our hearts here at Sterling Ranch and the Rachio Irrigation Controller — which comes with every Sterling Ranch home — plays an integral role in achieving our water conservation goals. Rachio is a smart irrigation controller that integrates with your STEWARD home automation and dual-metering systems. Rachio optimizes your outdoor watering patterns to give your yard exactly what it needs by monitoring local weather conditions.

    A few things Rachio can do for you:

    • Keep your plants healthy — with less water — and save money, while you help save the environment.
    • Automatically adjust your outdoor watering schedule based on local and current weather conditions, so you’re not watering your lawn during a rainstorm.
    • Get real-time data about your outdoor water usage so you can make adjustments quickly and remotely as needed.
    • Get alerts regarding water leaks so you can shut off piping remotely and avoid a flood.
    • Share info with your local landscapers so they can help you plan and adjust for the upcoming week.

    Save some money while saving the environment — there is so much to love about Rachio. If you’re into wise water management, we invite you to swing by for a visit to learn more… you might find your dream home here too.


    “Water conservation is incredibly important at Sterling Ranch. One of the things we’re doing is connected irrigation control, so we can manage our watering and irrigation so we’re not overwatering our common areas. Also, every home gets a Rachio Irrigation Controller, which allows homeowners to save a lot of water over a traditional irrigation controller. That’s because the Rachio Irrigation Controller is actually a smart irrigation controller that connects to the Internet, senses local weather conditions and changes the watering schedule based on those local weather conditions.”

    Walker Hinshaw

    COO, Lumiere, Sterling Ranch's Technology Partner

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