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    “We Want to Be the Best Part of Your Day!”

    Atlas Coffee at the Sterling Center

    Atlas Coffee is a craft coffee shop offering a variety of coffee, espresso, and tea options. Focused on creating a family experience for all, Atlas believes that if we can start with small things like a good cup of coffee and friendly conversation, the “pass it forward” heartbeat — nested in each of us — can blossom into bigger and better things for our families, our work, our communities, and our society as a whole. Oh, and the food on its menu is delicious and is sure to put a smile on your face.

    To top if all off, Atlas Coffee now offers ice cream! In partnership with Lucky Mary’s Baking Company you can grab a tasty cup or cone. If you are feeling like something new, try a affogato or a nitro float! What’s better than ice cream or coffee? Ice cream and coffee – together!

    • Address8155 Piney River Avenue
      Littleton, CO 80125
    • Phone(720) 767-9839
    • HoursMonday – Friday: 6 AM - 4 PM
      Saturday & Sunday: 7 AM - 4 PM

    The Sterling Center

    The Sterling Center is home to a variety of vital businesses that serve our community and our values, offering residents the opportunity to access everyday needs without having to leave the neighborhood.

    Get to know Atlas Coffee

    What makes your organization special and unique?

    We have a passion for quality . . . both in our products and in our service. Furthermore, every member of our stellar team believes that coffee brings people together and creates community. We see coffee as a platform for impacting people. We build relationships with the growers and cooperatives where we source our coffee — both to bring a better product home and to improve the quality of life for our producers, their families, and their communities.

    What inspired you to put a location at Sterling Ranch?

    Since we are passionate about community, it was an exciting prospect for us to be present at the early stages of a new one. We wanted to be part of serving and contributing to the overall culture and ethos of Sterling Ranch.

    What is your favorite thing about being here?

    We learn something new every day and we love getting to know the people — the pioneers — who make up this great neighborhood.

    Sterling Ranch values expressed . . .

    Learn how Atlas Coffee expresses our values in service to the Sterling Ranch community.

    • Family: We are a small family owned business, so we appreciate the uniqueness and value of working with the ones you love and with whom you are closest.
    • Stewardship: Our understanding of stewardship is that nothing in our sphere of influence is ours to hold, but rather it is our responsibility to let ideas flow through us to positively impact the people and environment around us.
    • Innovation: As old and traditional as the idea of a coffee shop may seem, thinking outside the box is where life is improved. We want to find ways to make the ordinary feel new (coffee and community become something special) and the new feel ordinary (a new house and new community feel like home).

    Have you discovered Sterling Ranch yet?

    We welcome your visit

    If you’ve never been to Sterling Ranch, you may be shocked at the feeling of connection you experience when perusing the natural surroundings, browsing for your dream home, or meeting our Community Ambassadors and your future neighbors. At Sterling Ranch, we are intentionally creating a community where joy resides. Stop by for a visit to find your new home.