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    Smart-Home Technology in Every Home

    At Sterling Ranch, the futuristic features of smart-home tech come with every home.

    What is a smart home, and more importantly, why would you want one? In short, a smart home is equipped with a number of smart devices that connect to each other and help to automate tasks that would normally be handled by a human. Smart devices are making things more efficient, accessible — and cooler — for homeowners seeking to gain control over their in-home systems from anywhere in the world.

    Imagine being able to turn your lights on and off . . . unlock your door before your kids get home from school . . . check that you armed your security system . . . all from an app on your phone, from anywhere. With smart-home tech, you can.

    Every new home at Sterling Ranch comes equipped with an amazing smart-home foundation that will leave you wondering how you ever lived without it.

    Smart City. Smart Homes.

    Learn all about our smart community amenities and how our leading-edge, smart-home technologies and sustainability practices are making lives easier — and better — while minimizing the impact on our cherished planet.


    Meet STEWARD, your personal smart-home automation assistant

    STEWARD is an all-in-one smart-home automation, home security, and utilities monitoring system that comes standard with every Sterling Ranch home. Serving as the hub of your smart-home ecosystem, STEWARD allows you to connect all your smart-home devices and control them remotely from an app on any smartphone or tablet.

    STEWARD works with voice-controlled devices such as Alexa or Google Home, smart thermostats, door locks, garage doors, security cameras, and more. And upgrades can easily be added if you’re looking to make your home the smartest on the block.

    STEWARD delivers convenience, along with a savings of time, money, and energy. Simply connect your smart devices, and you’re on your way to conserving more energy, managing your water use, saving money, and living with technology at your beck and call.


    “One of the really cool things you can do with STEWARD is actually set up scenes. One of my favorite scenes is my “bedtime” scene that I use every night. I just tell my Alexa device, “turn on bedtime” and it turns off all my lights, locks my front door, makes sure my garage door is closed, and arms my security system.”

    Walker Hinshaw

    COO, Lumiere, Sterling Ranch's Technology Partner


    “STEWARD definitely makes you more aware of what your water and energy usage is every month or every day. Now that we have it, I can’t imagine having a house without it. We’ve hooked a lot of parts of the house to the STEWARD system. It’s really convenient to have it all connected. Moving into a house that was ready to be smart, we didn’t have to rewire anything or pull walls down. That was a big selling feature for us.”

    Brandon Ambrose

    Sterling Ranch resident


    The standard STEWARD System includes:

    • 1 STEWARD tablet for in-home use, plus access to the STEWARD app you can download to any smartphone or tablet in order to control your connected devices on the go.
    • A smart thermostat, which allows you to monitor and control your home’s heating and cooling systems from anywhere.
    • Partial-home automated lighting so you can check, schedule, and turn your lights on and off remotely.
    • Integration with the Rachio Irrigation Controller so you can manage your water usage.
    • Integration with a DSC home security system, which you can monitor and control through the STEWARD app.
    • Real-time utility monitoring, which allows you to save money by setting a budget for your monthly water, gas, and electricity usage and monitor your progress in real-time!
    • STEWARD’s popular scenes feature, which allows you to save even more time by creating sets of automated tasks. For example, a bedtime scene might lock all doors, turn off all lights, and arm your security system, all at once!
    • Community push notifications, which allow you to engage with the Sterling Ranch community and receive important messages and event invitations so you can keep a pulse on what is happening in the community around you.

    You can get even more from your STEWARD system by adding additional devices such as door locks, lighting, garage door openers, security cameras, and more. The possibilities to enhance your home’s smart-technology systems are truly endless. Contact Lumiere, Sterling Ranch’s Technology Partner, to discuss your upgrade options before or after you move into your home.

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